Lord I give thanks to you today

For all that you provided me

My clothing, shelter and food

All things flow from you Lord

The season of bountiful harvest

Is a gift from Your Grace

Thanksgiving is season of all year

All the days are Yours Lord

You give them as a gift

I choose to live them in Your steps

Others toss you out of their life

They cry when they fall

For they have no strength in their life

Who do they give thanks to

Where do their gifts flow from

Lord I walk in your creation

It is your steps I follow

From You flow all blessings

The Blood of Christ was shed for my sins

Thanks to You God for giving Your Son

The blessing of thanksgiving

Flow from Christ

For through Christ are all things

He will provide to all who believe

Lord thank you for the blessings of this day

The food you have prepared

The family

Neighbors and friends across the world

Lord be a comfort to

Those who seek you

Bless their homes

Be a protector

Give comfort to all



10 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  1. Amen to this John , I had tears reading this one. We do in fact each of us have so much to be Thankful for. I have been Blessed greatly by your writing and space. Seems I just had Thanksgiving up here in Canada and Im enjoying it all again.Loved the photo you added.Today friends of ours house burnt to the ground. They lost eveything expect a few photos of the children they have. Im grateful they didnt loose more. A house can be rebuilt but loss of life cant. They have lots of insurace and money cant buy everything. I was just thankful they are not harmed physically , nor there children. All I can do is keep them all in my Prayers and I know the Lord will bring comfort to each of them. This Prayers says it all. Happy Thanksgiving My Dear Friend. I hope it a Blessed one in more ways than you know.Lisa

  2. Always a great post from you. Wonderful poem and beautiful pics. Yes, Iris needs a ‘B’ name!! Bosco???? Hah!Take care my friend!

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