Harse puckeys….er road apples.


This is the doorway to the secret entrance of my house,through the looking stump.




                Well it is Monday and the week has begun again.  I did manage to roll over another leaf.  The cold is waning but man was yesterday a dog.  I did like the dogs, laid around and groaned.  Used some the Jewish mother’s home recipe for colds ate some chicken soup.  Don’t know if it worked but it tasted okay going down.

                I pick up magazines of all types.  There are some that hit the trash after the first page.  Some are really slick and look good but nothing inside.  A couple are pretty good.  One is an alternative lifestyle rag that has stories at times of general interest. 

                The one I read yesterday had an article about narcissism and the problems associated with and how it leads to problems.  I have been accused of being narcissistic so it caught my attention.

                They noted how many people today are wrapped up in themselves and others are there to help the self centered egotist look good.  Hum, an image problem.  They pegged the generation of the 60’s as the beginning and how it has burgeoned since then, the overweight, the materialist, the fancy dresser and talker and the list went on.  Materialism is how they measure self, the more stuff the better they feel their image is, what.

                The lover of self sees most things as objects and that includes people.  How many friends can they collect, I know him, I know her and the list grows to look like something.  They noted that lots of people on the internet social networks fall into that category.  People on the social networks are so in love with themselves they miss the point of relationships.  Then if one is a people collector they lose sight of interacting with others.  They stated that when someone is so in love with themselves there isn’t much room to love anything else.

Narcissism is complex but when I look at the materialism I can see people wrapped up in themselves.  They view others as an aid to them or a hindrance.  It also explains why there are so many failed marriages, love of self leaves no room for the family, self comes first.


Those of you on the various space networks do feel any of the narcissistic tendencies from others?  Biggest thing I see is the large networks.  I pare my down at times if there is no interaction.  Yet for some to be in the background is there way of socializing.  The other thing I see is the collection of gadgets.  I saw a bumper sticker that read, “He who dies with the most toys wins,” the materialist’s journey to the coffin.

 As people collect things they collect people to be used and abused.  Watch shoppers how they buy things that will be gone but at the time they satisfy the want to accumulate. 

It was an awakening story of how we tend to mess up our own lives.  I’ve had to rethink my relationships with others over the past few years and this brought that back to the fore front.  How do I interact with people?  There are so many struggles in life and I ask myself am I helping that person or am I making a mess of things.

A few good relationships are better than crowded stadium of onlookers.  To be intimate and caring is not easy.


Oh well been cooking beans all day, will divide into portions for different dishes.  Chili sounds good, try some rice for burrito’s or baked beans.  Mix in some molasses and honey or barbeque.  Darn getting hungry.

Had some snow this past weekend, started Sat. eve and went thru Sun. night.  This morning was clear and blue but cold, high of 45 F.    Electricity went out for a time Sat. night.  In the country the lines are not buried, they are on utility poles so very susceptible to ice buildup and wind.  It was a local circuit that popped.  Across the street there was light the other direction was dark.

It wasn’t too long because the house had not cooled down much.  It bothers me because on a real cold night pipes freeze real easy.


14 thoughts on “Harse puckeys….er road apples.

  1. That’s an interesting subject you just covered here my friend…btw I hope you’re lots better my friend. I think that we often enough fall into that old trap of being ridiculously self absorbed…I don’t like that one bit in myself or anybody else. I think that a simple understanding that you have to recipricate with those on your network it would be a great thing but seemingly it’s more about: enough talking about me let me hear you talk about me, these days. I appreciate your post today, I really do….now let’s talk about me LOL! Just kidding, have a great evening!

  2. I believe in 1914 (?) Freud wrote a book on that. My hubby has this trait and is annoying…LOL! He doesn’t have room in his life for people only projects he’s working on. Very political he was as in heading up the union and many other organizations, 28 matter of fact. His missions never get clouded with emotions or empathy. But he does care and can’t show it, and I know you are a caring person too. Sorry I babbled on here. Interesting topic. Hope your power stays on and you feel better. Sometimes those home remedies are better than the bottled stuff over the counter. Mentholatum seems to be the only active thing in them all. Take care John.

  3. We have the samething here in the country . Powerlines that are above ground. Can be trouble at times and not much we can do about that one. You have touched deeply here on alot of things. When you look at the Bigger picture Networking is and can be alot of fun . As for the Bumper sticker you saw .. I have seen it too. I had a good laugh. I think it takes all kinds of different people to make the world go around and also a better place most of the time if we look for it. Hope your feeling a lot better.Lisa

  4. Good post, John. I’m not sure I would define the 60’s as "the beginning". I think it was more pronounced in the late 70’s and 80’s, but the idea you express is certainly true. I have trouble getting rid of things, but I don’t believe it is primarily because I am narcissistic; it is more because I am quite sentimental and keep things related to memories, family, etc. I don’t think it would look like narcissism from the outside, either; pony tail for Locks of Love, jeans and a flannel shirt, cheap but reliable car, but I suppose you’re right in that we are all a bit self centered from time to time. Probably need to be if we harm none in the process.Peace, Doc

  5. I don’t think I am a narcicist but then when I read all the character defects people have I can relate to all of them. I only have a few friends and a lot of kinda friendly people around me. I keep my real friends for many years. They never escape but since I keep them so long I only have actually 2 of them. A lot of fair weather type friends but that is all I really need. Good post…

  6. The chili sounds good could use some right now, a bit cool here in Texas, having the first freeze warning. Stay well. Love your doorway

  7. Excellant Blog John..Interesting subject matter. I always feel it’s better to have a network of people who are interested and interact rather than hoards of people too. Shall be culling my network shortly…far too many who now me as a statistic on their profile rather than some kind of person.Love beans..But they don’t always love me..and no snow here..just howling winds..we don’t really get typical wintery weather here…

  8. John,interesting subject,narcissism. Its a normal phase of childhood but something we are taught or choose not to practice in adulthood. In adulthood it is a factor in a great many neuroses. The fact that you question yourself is a good sign you are not a narcissist! With some sadness i realized i was a small clog in a big wheel!! Stay healthy friend.

  9. Great post!! I call it the ‘ME’ generation, which most of us, thankfully, are not a part of. Chicken soup sounds good! Beans sound BETTER!! So much you can do with them. Southern style with greens!! Hope your pipes don’t freeze soon and that you’re feeling better.And yeah, every pet I’ve had had a ‘B’ name!!Take care John

  10. Very interesting subject here. When I 1st came here I just wanted a place I could be creative never realizing that soon I would be interacting with other people. But I ended up finding so much more. It is a bond created with so many people, the support everyone provides and yes it can all make you feel good inside… I have culled many times also. But every few months I make a full run to visit every single one. Some don’t visit but that’s ok because I just like what they have on their site. But I need to cull more as now it take way too much time to visit every single one. But no sooner then I cull then that person comes for a visit and leaves a comment. I think alot of people do come but don’t leave comments. But I see so many with hundreds of people. At first I too wanted lots but then I am one to visit them all so realized I couldn’t keep taking on more. Anyone take care my friend… Hugs Carrie

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