Veteran moments


Damn it pass the ammo can.  That refrain could be heard in the trenches when the guns go silent. 

Day after tomorrow is Veterans Day.  A day to remember those who have served in defense of our country and those in other countries who were in the trenches getting shot at also. 

I pause and reflect, in the past 60 plus years we have not won a war.  What is wrong with us.  Our country goes to war but is not willing to put the resources and tactics in it to win.

So many youngsters are killed, folded, stapled and mutilated for what?  The battles we have engaged in this past 60 years there have been no clear cut victories.  In Korea there is a truce.  Vietnam we tucked our tail and went home.  And there have been smaller ones, Panama, Africa, etc and currently the Middle East.  The Persian Gulf War was but a prelude to the current conflict, it does prove we can accomplish when there is an objective.

WWII officially started 1941 and ended 1947, six years of combat.  That is how long we have been the Middle East and there is no end in sight.

From where I set I see the youngsters going over there as but cannon fodder for some greedy money mongers.  As the war goes there are profits to be made.  To sacrifice the lives of young men for the profits of the greedy is too much.

I have talked with various combat veterans and most say the Middle East should have been over in 12 months.  Two things come to mind; lack of commitment and rules of engagement.  Both are very distorted.  Children walk around with guns and are suicide bombers, mothers carry weapons and encourage the combatants.  Yet they cannot be confronted.  How many young men are lost because of this.  Getting materials and resources to the field troops is lacking.  There is a debate right now to send more troops or not.  A lack of commitment.

Maybe we should do like Vietnam and tuck out tails in and pack out of the country.

We did not learn from the French in Vietnam and we did not learn from the Russians in Afghanistan.  If we are going to do battle let’s do it from the standpoint of wanting to win or else forget it.


Tuesday there will ceremonies at numerous cemeteries in the area.  The local VFW has a color guard that goes around for 21 gun salutes to honor their comrades in battle.  To the left of the picture can be seen a couple of Veteran hedstones. simple white marble markers , like the ones used in the national cemeteries.

To the veterans I salute you.  You have endured the politics and the foxhole.  Having jumped out of aircraft, pickup wounded and cried over the lost.  Way down deep is a fear, buried is conflict of watching death firsthand, remembering the blood flowing freely, mangled limbs, a cup of coffee with a friend in the morning and saluting that evening as he is carried across the field in a body bag.

Thank you for your sacrifices so I can enjoy the sun today and a walk across a grassy field with you saluting your fallen comrades.  Tuesday the flag will fly and I will salute the memories of the veterans, Thank You



10 thoughts on “Veteran moments

  1. John,I am glad that you wrote this, your words are better than mine would have been. I agree with you either fight to win or come back home and fight to the finish. You know damn well if we were to pull out of Afghanistan everyone would be coming here to fight us.We should load up the Bombers and level the mountains for once and for all. That is the only way that we will win.I salute you my veteran friend.

  2. John, Our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters in arms go into harms way for they have sworn an oath to defend, protect and serve. I have a falg in my living room that is only put outside for Memorial Day and Veterans Day. My Fathers flag has a place of honor in my house. My son Adam is at last report assigned to the Big Red One. Today I will clean and press my battle dress uniform before hanging the flag on my front porch. Just before midnight on Veterans Day I will don my uniform, take a drink to the yard as I reflect, ponder, pray, and remember with reverance. Then I will pour half of my drink into the ground in honor and respect. At midnight I will salute the flag, take her down with care and place the flag back in my living room where it is ever in the light. Thank you for writing this post Johnand as ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

  3. Great post John. I have friend still out there doing what I got fed up doing. 6 months after I my last enlistment expired the USS Cole was hit, by the very kind of attack I screamed my head off to the command about, only to be told condensendingly to pipe down because a terrorists attack on a US war ship hadn’t happend in over 50 years. Our leaders have lost their vision. War Colleges now teach political theory instead of tactics, senerioes, and counter objectives. We have lost our ability to fight from the top down. Our troops are only as good as their training and we have not had serious leadership in waging war since te 1940’s. Somewhere between the end of that war and Korea we lost the rules of war written by Gen Sherman and subplanted it with Geneva Convention rules on warfare. This only works when all sides agree to fight by those rules, just like the British tried on us in the 1770’s by lining up in a field and marching forward, they did not think we would ignore the rules and attack from the flanks, rear, and under cover of night and the woods. Now we are the British and our enemies have figured out how to counter us, the same way, a lesson learned in Vietnam. War is Hell, its something that is terrible and life altering. For this reason we need to do what Sherman did, do it quickly, do it right, and get it over with as quickly as possible. What we are doing now is not that. In order to honor our serving troops and the sacrifices of our vets we should stop pussyfooting around and fight the right way, get it over with quick and right so we can all come home and not have to worry about it in the future.

  4. I share your feeling John I really do. I think that they should about figure right away that they will do what it takes to win or don’t commit at all. The joke of this current administration in particular not willing to commit or reinforce or pull out…ugh. Maybe this is why the Greeks spent so much time on philosophy…what your philosophy is effects how you do everything…including war, I don’t think that anyone really wants to win this darn thing…at least nobody that’s in charge that has power to do something about it. Well, regardless, may God be with our troops and may they know every ounce of the honor they deserve.

  5. I share your feelings, too. I am a Quaker, I believe in peace and talking before war. I believe, though, that there are times when War is necessary to combat a greater evil… WWII is an excellent example. We had no business in Korea, or Vietnam, IMHO. I believe that Afghanistan was necessary, as that’s where the evil came from on 9/11… however, we never should have gone into Iraq… ever. There was no good reason other than vengeance.I am truly grateful for my Veterans… all of them, regardless of the war they fought in and regardless of whether or not I agreed with that war. They are a volunteer group, in most cases, and when they were Drafted they are even more deserving of my gratitude…

  6. I so agree with salute. And agree our weaponry so sophisticated and we continue slaughter of men and women in service to brave ideals. Thank you for post.

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