A few days out of pocket

Took the weekend and went to denver for a model train show.  We set up on Fri then performed Sat and Sun.  Did’t even get on the puter for those few days.  So I’ve missed a few things.  i’ll get around a vist as time allows.  Share a couple of pictures.  Didn’t even take that many pictures.  Then i have a bunch posted in  my photo albums.  It is always nice to get home.
Hope everybody had a good weekend and will have a great week.
This is one of the new modules.  It hadn’t been on display before.  It is a model of a small farm town in the mid 50’s.  Most of the older duffs like me model in the 50’s.  that was our childhood days
The show was held in part of the National Western Complex.  This old building is now vacant.  Here is where the brokers worked, buying and selling cattle.  nearby are stock pens and packing houses.  Most are now empty.  Millions of cattle passed through these yards, fortunes were made and a few lost.  A monument to a different era.
Then there is always the skyline of downtown Denver.  No real tall buildings bcause bed rock is so deep.
It was a fun weekend.  Met some new people and renewed some old ones.  The crowds weren’t as big, blame it on the economy or the pig flu.  Both are having an adverse impact on the econmy.
When we started doing this show 20 some years ago.  attendance would be over 100,000, this one maybe 20,000 or so.

9 thoughts on “A few days out of pocket

  1. John .. I loved this second photo. Its Beautiful. . I love Vintage and anything with History. As for Denver . We have passed in out of the Doors of Denver many many times and years with our Cattle. Memories I will hold so very close for many many years. Won Big in Denver as well. Nice Blog and Thank you. Lisa

  2. I love model trains! Something about things in small scale, I guess.Dave used to collect John Deere toys and we would go to toy shows. It was always fun to see the miniature towns.And I am nostalgic towards the 50’s, too.Take care

  3. Trainsets are so cool! I had one a boy years ago, I don’t even remember what happened to it. The fifties might be well before my time but I love stuff from that era. I hope you had a great day John.

  4. Ah… no photo’s of the Lionel models…. too bad… Lionel is my favorite and they’re built in Detroit, so it helps the MI economy… Besides, Lionel IS the first of the bunch, and they’re catching up in quality and life like detail to the others…

  5. What an amazing building to be empty. It just looks like it could be a school, gallery, model train library…just a beautiful heritage building. So miss seeing grain elevators. These have so disappeared Canadian prairie landscape. Glad you had a great train trip. :)

  6. Oh, forgot my other comment. The attendance drop. Just made me think of children/youth I know who inhabit online activities for nearly everything and how few have a hands-on hobby (like knitting or model making) and the number made me think of ‘virtual’ world with keyboarding the major workout….Like I should comment. LOL Take care John

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