Man Am I Depressed

All Hallowed eve is closing out October and the Moon is clear and bright.  There are Christmas decorations in the big box stores.  Bah Humbug.  Went to the big city of Denver for business and shopping.  went into the big box hammer and saw store and was greeted by decorationms galore.  Four aisles full of decorations.  Halloween is not even past and here is the red and green stuff.  i wanted some black and orange stuff.  Man talk about depressing.  We are shooting ourselves in the foot.
Any body that buys christmas stuff this early ought to be strung up a yardarm by their ankles.  There are a few who will buy the stuff, now i know why there are problems.  As consumers we are so guliable and the corpporations feed on that and with their greed they keep pushing.  Horse apples for the cockroaches…..gone looking for the grinch…believe i found the grinch.
Got cought in the snowstorm while there.  Spent an extra day there.  Got some things done during the locked in time.  Open up the space and all the comments are posted by no name….hum.  Microsoft has so many enemies that it is probably a constant battle against the hackers.
The e-mail was loaded with all kinds of mail, junk and jokes and stuff.  Get some of it sorted out and send some off.  Don’t know if i made all the rounds, lots of new stuff posted does not make the what’s new.  So I’ll coast along.
Few pictures out on the patio of the snow.


The summer is under the show.  The cool shade of summer’s heat is now beneath a white blanket


Summers rose is a white statue, blooms draped in white.



The guests are seated awaiting the bar-b-que to fire up.


A midwinters white blanket.


Everybody have a fun halloween?



17 thoughts on “Man Am I Depressed

  1. That’s a lot of snow…we had four, count ’em four big storms that went through…I thought we were done then we had some time in the fifties again and today…nearly seventy…imagine that. Halloween was subdued this year mostly I think because of the flu…it is still showings it’s affect on some in my family…gosh, I hate being sick!

  2. Wow! I can’t believe all the snow you have. Looks pretty on my screen, but I am not ready for everything to turn white. It rained here this morning,then got really windy and it was fun watching all the leaves blowing and swirling in the air. I wish I had of had my camera but we were out shopping. I was facinated with the dancing leaves. Now we have a blanket of coloured leaves on the ground. I hope it is nice here tomorrow and maybe I will get a few pic’sWell , you take care. Dianne

  3. They do sell the stuff early don’t they. I thought of you laltely when I saw the radar. Sorry you got holed ip in Denver.I couldn’t believe the amouts being dumped of snow in Oct. Hot cider sitt’in in a cmfy chair with a fur blanket will meltthose depressions away. Your photo’s tell us yer story.

  4. Trick or treat, "which is it?" All that snow sure glad I am not there I have had all the snow that I ever want. Use to live in snow countryDel. PA, NJ, MASS MO. and NC. Great photos.,

  5. Well it looks freezing cold over your way, we are warming up here in New Zealand. They have some Christmas things out in the shops over here as wellHave a lovely dayHugs Jewelie

  6. Heavens so much snow did get an extra set of outdoor lights since my evergreen shrub grew at least 6 inches this year the other ones seened so tiny on the huge plant angel eyes

  7. ya i hate to see the holidays pushed on us like that too. im not into all the deco hype. i just like the giving and getting. and the lights.i would take some of your snow :) it was almost too warm here. i wore my cape to the ballet, and was really too hot. its never cold enough here.kïrstin☼

  8. It seems much too early for that amount of snow. It is quite amazing to look at, but too early none the less. Too early for Christmas as well. I for one, will not be purchasing any kind of Christmas decoration, lights, trees, etc. I no longer do the whole Christmas thing. It is too much of a trap for me. Spent many years celebrating when my children were small but now they have grown and I no longer have to take part in the commercailism. Halloween was quiet. May your week bring forth less snow and sunny days.

  9. Ah, time to make snow cream!! Have to agree with you regarding "no names". Delete key is the perfect response. Don’t go near any yellow snow….be safe my friend.J.W.L.

  10. Funny, I am smiling so much after coming over here to a post entitled "Man am I depressed!!"Your pictures are wonderful and I can NOT wait for that kind of snow! (Well, maybe after the California wedding, don’t want any delayed flights) My birthday is the 8th of December and my mother always waited until after, to decorate for Christmas. As an adult, I realized that time is too short and I tend to feel rushed, so now I’m thinking it would be nice to start decorating in early Nov……………..Except for this year with the wedding in 3 weeks!I love snow sports when dressed properly. And being inside with no place to go while giant flakes are drifting gently down. And snow days when the kids stay home from school. Enjoy the rest of your weekend…

  11. Great pictures, you folks in Colorad really got it hard-hitting. Beautiful to look at from this distance.Pick your battles, and tho I know what you mean it isn’t worth getting up about. Thanks for coming by and always leaving a nice note for m to read. Happy days there, friend. Hope you get some no-snow days–that is ALOT of snow! I hope we get just a little this year–we hardly ever get any, though last year we got two feet. Probably sounds like a sweet amount to you at this point.

  12. Looks like Summer is over for you lot! That is a heck of a lot of snow… and I come from a place that had a heck of a lot of snow…

  13. Sting me up John. When I was in Jasper I went shopping while I waited out the rain. I bought Christmas Decoration. I couldnt resist . I love shoes and had to have them for my tree. The are tiny and cute and hope the light refects of them. Had to have a few pairs . Each different and if she would of had more I would have bought more..Also a Nice Candle that has the scent of Pine. Its so Pretty. Its called Christmas Bells.Loved your snow photos. So very Pretty. I love that amount of snow when It come all at once. Then I think I might get out my old Snowshoes and really get sore but it will be fun.Have a great rest of the weekLisa

  14. Yes the whole Christmas thing has become so consumerism. Which is all stuff that mostly later ends up in our dumps. Soon we will be seeing Christmas by the end of summer. It would be nice if the Christmas spirit could be kept alive all year but not the consumerism..

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