End of the Week

Well the end is here.  Tomorrow be a new week.  This one ending was not boring.  There was a range fire just north of town.  The utility lines started the fire and it scorched a few acres.  Then there was the snowstorm that started Tues eve and ended Thrus morning.  There were a few snowdrifts Thrus morning of a couple of feet.  There was the usual weekly stuff so it was a full week.
The fire must of caused more problems then the electic company thought.  When the storm began there were electrical surges and spikes, the lights were a flashing and diming.  Lost power for a brief time Wed afternoon and things seemed okay.  Next mornoing the lights were a blinking again and in early morning power was gone.  The electric company got it fixed and so far no more winking lights.
The fire department did a good job on the fire.  it was windy and they got out in front of it in the pasture and got a line around it.  The wind was swirling that day, shifting from the north to the northwest.  when the fire started the wind was out of the northwest and the flames went east.  It was pasture and no homes or structures in the way.  Earlier it been blowing right at town.  Thanks be to God for his protection.  the little town is an all volunteer department and most were taken away from their weekend honeydo’s.
There are a couple of small horse pastures on the edge of town and those people were standing by to see if their animals needed to be moved.
With the snow hopefully most of the grass has been knocked down and is not as good of fuel.  The prairie grass was in hibernation and very dry.  Easily burn and it was standing like matches and burned like matches.
The storm didn’t slow down the highway travelers.  There are about 2000 vehicles through here every day.  Mostly trucks, the highway is part of the ports to plains roadway.  Part of NAFTA, between the US, Mexico and Canada.  Plus it is the short route for oil equipment from Texas to the Rocky Mountains.  some unusual loads travel through.
The oil geologists have been out bouncing around in their trucks looking for oil.  big machines and wires all over the place.  Few of the ranchers are getting nice checks from oil wells.  The Mineral rights are owned by a railraod that got it from the land grants back in the 1800’s.  The Union Pacific makes more money off their leasing then they do on the railroad.
country churches are landmarks out on the prairie, with towmorrow being Sunday.
Enjoy the worship services of your choice tomorrow, giving thanks to God for all your blessings.
May your week be blessed and Christ to keep you company.

4 thoughts on “End of the Week

  1. Hey hey John, getting a taste of winter are you? We had a lot of that then it went away…I think we both know the real thing is on it’s way and won’t go away so easily soon. The powerlines caused a blaze? Exciting times John, exciting times indeed. Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday my friend.

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I love this picture. I like to see the simple white churches that bring to mind a simple faith of our youth.What a blessing to be able to worship freely!

  3. John, The highways and rails keep busy in times of plenty and times of not so plenty. They just keep rolling on. The service of choice I take each day on my afternoon walk, my dawn, and when I go to my pillow. The church is a building built for a community to meet its needs and the needs of the people. My needs are simple as are my prayers. Very good post, my friend andas ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

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