There Be Snow

Monday I was out and around with a tee shirt 70 degrees and sunny.  Today it is muck-luks.  The snow it be coming down horizontial high today 34 degrees.  35 degree temperature change.  Two weeks ago it was an ice storm this time a snow storm.  The ground is warm enough so the roads are just wet.  On the grassy areas it is sticking.  All together 4-6 inches.  Sit here and look out the window with a hot cup of coffee.  Went out and got a couple of pictures.
Christmas trees in a mantle of white.  There is some yellow left in the leaves of the elm tree.  What wonders the snow does.
Across a wet highway is the outline of the grain elevator through the snow.
                                   The local train depot was moved to a park and is now a community building.  it is draped in a mantle of white and the wig-wag is silent.


On a tight wire set the balckbirds.  There are hunbreds setting on the highline, tails against the snow and wind.


On monday it was a clear beutiful blue, cloudless sky as the sun set on the trees.


Today was a day to fire up the oven and bake some muffins.  In the morning a cup of java and some muffins.




16 thoughts on “There Be Snow

  1. The weather looks so bad, must be freezing cold. We don’t get snow here where I live, just further down the South Island of New Zealand they get a small bit. We are heading for summer here in my neck of the woods. Have a lovely dayHugs Jewelie

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of your drastic climate change. I like the birds on the wire and I haven’t heard ‘wig wag’ before. Keep the coffee on, it’s gonna be cold.

  3. nice shots, so peaceful. It has gotten colder earlier this year, it seems. We have our wood in, anticipating a chilly winter.

  4. Maybe by this time Mr. Snowman finished with his coffee time or still baking some muffins.I love muffins with my coffee specially during cold weather.

  5. Great, John!Thanks for showing us the change of weather! I think you and I are lucky who live in those parts of the world where the weather do change like this. We have real summer, real winter and in between we experience spring and fall. The semesters change – that’s the way I like it :-) Winter’s just around the corner here, too, and we have already had many frosty nights!Wish you a wonderful weekend!Ellen

  6. Angels are ahead 4 to 0!!As for presidents having little to do with world policy, Bush sure did his best to screw up our image!! And Cheney is still at it!Enough politics… Baseball is MUCH more fun!! Angels are ahead 4 to 0!!You sure have some weather there!!!

  7. Wow John, that’s real winter there! Whew! I know that it’ll be back here before long. You did a great job of capturing the storm my friend! I hope I can get motivated for snow photography again….you’re helping me in that direction!

  8. Love the change of season.spent a lot of time camping along the continental divide in colorado and the weather could change by the hour. Was fishing in shorts and sandals at 10am and by 11am wa fighting a snow storm back to camp. Enjoy your wonderland

  9. Looks GORGEOUS from this side of the computer!!! Just wouldn’t want to be out traipsing around in it – unless it was for fun of course!! thanks for sharing your winter wonderland

  10. Snow? Snowfall? Sorry am in YVR. It is drenching downpour tonight but was totally surprized to read/see snow for anyone. Great photos but still snow? Hope it melts quickly and there are a few more late Fall days.

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