A Good Day For Hot Tea, Indoors

The weatherman said we were going to have ice pellets for the day and a high above freezing, Hah Ha.  Doublt if get above the freeze line.  We’ve had an ice storm, not bad but everthing has a coat of ice on it.  The humidity has be in around 95% all day.
With the ice coating it takes on a fairy land look that has a nasty bite if one isn’t careful.  i dug out the cold weather clothes because i wanted a few pictures of the ice covered weeds and grass.  Jack Frost makes some unique designs that are great.
The patterns on the weeds and grass roll on and on.  Looking out across the country the ice coatin stretches to the horizon,  Nothing escapes the coat of Jack Frost.
On flat days like this there is not much color.  It is pretty much black and white with some gray and touches of colors.  The old fence makes a nice backdrop.
Even the shed window did not escape the frosty brush.
The designs and patterns are ….. well , far out.  Now if I could mount them on the table vase for use next summer.
Other thoughts and whhat nots.  The President of the United States was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.  Not sure what kind of peace they were talking about.  Generally to get an honor of this nature one usually has a track record.  So then i ask myself; is the Nobel panel trying to send a message to the USA. 
The democrats have a reputation of anti-war and the republicans, reputation is one of war mongering.  Both are distorted views.  Since the turn of the century it has been a democrat that was at the helm when war broke out.  Then the Bush family came along and we are in an odd type of conflict.  So i look at those oxymoron odd ball ends; what are they trying to say?  An award for peace that is lip service or is there hopes that there will be some action in the future?
Another thing to consider is the ugly american.  So many around the world are jealous of the United States and would love to see the states fall/overthrown.  Is this one of theings the committiee is trying to set the USA up for, a big fall.
Oh well….found me a blowtorch and headed out to thaw out the water dish…..life willl march on but how…..I’m not God so i will leave that up to him.
Ya’ll have a great week…no matter where your thoughts are.

9 thoughts on “A Good Day For Hot Tea, Indoors

  1. ice storms are lovely to look at but i certainly am not good at walking there onand me personally even hate to argue i just avoid any controversy but he afghanistan thing so very bothersome and my absolute peaceloving son wants a major surge there go figure!!Angel eyes

  2. Hi John, Jack Frost is quite the artist! We’re just a little south of peak leaf color in Metro Atlanta. No frost and none in the near forcast. I do enjoy hot tea with a shot of B&B occasionally during cold weather. Luckily the winters are short in Georgia. I’ve considered the ugly American and dismissed it as nothing more than bad behavior capable of exihibiting itself by members of any country. The good American far outweighs the bad and minimizes the bad brought on by the ugly of many in this world. To those good in the world I offer the j’nGeorgia peace award. At this point it’s pert’near as notable as the Nobel.Good shutter buggin’ my friend. Choo-chooj

  3. A great story and photos to back it up. I have taken a few shots of the frost myself. However I do not miss it.Stay warm and well.

  4. Amazing Photo’s, we don’t get ice or snow like that where I live here in New Zealand, Just snows a little down the South end.Hugs Jewelie

  5. You can come thaw out my sidewalk while yer at it. Patterns of frost on windowsare so amazing. Nice chilly pictures. Have a nice warm evening.

  6. Hi John, Love your ice photos. They are so pretty. We haven’t had frost in my neck of the woods yet. It is suppose to get down to 1 degree celsius so we are getting close. Maybe when Jack is done with decorating where you live , he will come this way. I will try and be ready to shoot him with my camera. :)Thanksyou so much for sending a Thanksgiving prayer my way. I appreciate it and you can send as many as you like. Have a wonderful week and stay warm.Dianne :)

  7. I see the ice man has been out painting and sculpting in your neck of the woods also. It has now drastically warmed up here so we many only get rain, but still holding out. Take Care Carrie

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