Couldn’t get anything bigger then a elephant and he wouldn’t load up in the truck so I’m stuck with watching the flakes of snow float across the window.  Been around freezing most every night and yesterday some moisture showed up and today it is tiny flakes of white.  Snow pellets bounce off the ground at times.  At least this time of year there isn’t much lightening with the storm cells.  This one appears to be a teaser.
Took this picture last week when I was in Denver.  The high mountains got a good dusting of snow.  The white horizon is the continental divide mountains covered with snow.  The elevation range is from 10,000′ to 14,000 feet.  The front range mountains range in elevation from 7,000′ to 9500 feet, they didn’t get any snow.  This is about 40 miles east of Denver.  The city sets down in a valley and is not visible.  The urban sprawl is creeping up on the power plant and oil cracking station in the foreground.  In person it is a spectacular scene.  The mountains are visible for hundreds of miles away.  To the left is an extinct volcano.
This is Pike’s Peak and one can see some snow on is summit also.  The air has become so dirty at times things become very fuzzy.  It is from the summit of this mountain where the song "America the Beautiful" was inspired.  Before the peak blew its top, geologists believe it was over 30,000 feet in elevation.  Today it is over 14,000 feet.  It dominates the skyline of Colorado Springs and much of the eastern plains of Colorado.  It is visible to the naked eye almost 200 miles away.
Snow on the mountains is measured by the foot, here we measure snow in small inches.  There is a ridge on the west side of town that has a tremendous view of the peak and on clear days it shines on the horizon.  For early travelers in wagons and horseback it was a guiding beacon.
Small bands of flakes scurry by the window, not much else. 
I put some seed in the bird feeder couple of days ago and the little birds have been flocking to it.  It is a feeder that is inside a cafe with small port holes for the small birds to enter through.  Bigger birds show up and try to get at the seed.  It is comical at times to watch the bigger birds struggle trying to hang on and get to the seed.  The doves have learned the little birds are messy and spread the seed all over.  When the doves come in they hop around on the ground below picking up the seeds that have been spilled.
There are other critters that show up, the cats and I have a ground squirel that hangs around smong other.  The falcons show up at times because for them a dove is a delicacy.
The cats like the birds but they also help to keep the mouse population down.  There are the fun parts of wildlife and there are the scoundrels…..oh well gotta live with them all.
This is a wild cat living in an abondened shop.  I woke it up and it sat there and just looked at me.  After a couple of pictures it decided that was enough, I was to close and it bailed out heading for a safer nook.  It really eyeballed me for a number of minutes.  Farmers should recogonize the name on the old fridge.
The tiny flakes continune to float dwon, slow enough to be counted.  On a flakey day have a great one.

6 thoughts on “BITTY THOUGHTS

  1. Yes, the zapper kills the fleas too. That food was from lasy year. Love brats! I forgot to add rye bread!Great pics, as usual John!! Go Phillies and Angels!!!

  2. The Area around Denver is so Pretty . I was thought there a few years ago. I fell in love with Colorado and all the different and unique places. The Mountains here have snow. We have some but not enought to really say . I can still see all the grass. We still have leaves on the trees and Im hoping that it gets a little warmer again. It is cold here north of you.Loved the Cat . She is a Beauty. Mine are still all safe in the Barn. 3 Blacks are still there and wild. One did come and touch me . Have a great night John.

  3. Hi John, I enjoyed sitting down and reading your blog and looking at the beautiful view out your window. It must be something to see the snow covering the mountains. We have not had any snow yet and am not ready for it to come. We still have lots of leaves on the trees and they still havn’t reached their peek for color. We have had alot of rain and it still hasn’t reach the freezing point not have we had frost in the small city I live in. 47,000 to be exact. That looks like one big cat. Looks like he has a cozy place to stay. Hopefully he can stay warm this winter. Have a nice weekend John .Dianne :)

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