Tuesday poetry 10 06 09




Motionless he sat on the coffin

In a meditative trance

Blankly staring at the wall

It appeared as if the wall

Held a mystic quality


Seeking some kind of revelation

He continued staring, never moving

Suddenly a roach went scurrying

Across the wall disappearing in a crack

Startled he looked up


Then he became quite annoyed

Nothing reappeared from the crack

Slowly he scanned the room

A change of mood flitted

Across him becoming one of fury


With madness he looked upward

Raising one arm and forming a fist

Uttering nothing he began to shake

As in a fit of rage

Slowly the shaking subsided


With his arm still raised he began to speak

“God if you are up there and exist

Why have you done this to me, Why

Always I have tried to do my best

Yet the past 137 years….It has


Been nothing but pain and suffering

I brought forth children and tried

To provide for them and rear them properly

Now they are gone and so are their children

My great, great grandchildren do not realize I exist


Nor do their children. I am non-existant

Thirty-seven years ago I came

Here to wait peacefully

I took up my vigil of waiting

Why have you tortured me so


Do you really exist

For a sin committed so long ago

Why do you continue to punish

Did you ever exist?”

Slowly his furor subsidies


His gaze returned to the wall

This time nothing flitted across

Everything was quiet

With some effort he slid and fell from the coffin

Slowly he walked around it


With great effort the lid was pried open

Gingerly he felt the lining

Creakingly his hands searched the corners

A smile grew from his lips


Tottering for a while in deep thought

He then flopped into the coffin

With a futile look upward

He slammed the lid down



10 thoughts on “Tuesday poetry 10 06 09

  1. John, Did you write this? It is a very profound and meaningful poem. Though I have cleaned my house and am prepaired to meet my Maker at any time………I will go kicking and screaming no matter the pain for the blessing of life is one I do not want to leave any time soon.As ever be well

  2. @SCR I wrote this about 35 years ago. The metaphor is things in life and traditions and our changes in life….years ago I questioned lots of things and i still challenge convention and "the norm"

  3. John, Though I deal with the norm, I do so on my own terms and thus insure my own freedom as best I can.As ever be well

  4. I think in life, when we have misfortunes, sufferings,pains and sorrows etc, there’s always the question why? why me ?A very good and meaningful poem. Take care.

  5. John,I have felt this way many times before for the mistakes that I made in my younger years. I have tried many times to forget them,but they still are a part of me.Have a good one

  6. What a potent narrative of regret/remorse, rethinking. Quite earth-shaking for Tuesday poetry with John. A melancholy of sadness/resignation. Thank-you poet. This is, for me, unforgettable portrait of regret yet penitence not quite suggested (?) Will be back to read again.

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