Mumblings on a Quiet Saturday

Went to the big metroplex of Denver this past week.  A growing, hustling city becoming dirty again.  Denver is being loved to death by all the people that move there.  Setting at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains the city and the surrounding burbs have a beutiful backdrop.  It is a vacation destination and some people come to love it there and mpove..  Fields and pastures are paved over and tract homes sprout.  A new crop every month of 2X6’s spring up.  Therer may be a recession going on but by all of the construction there, one would think there is a boom.
Denver sits in the Platte River Valley and being in a low spot the air is trapped in the basin and in the winter the air turns brown so much junk is churned up from the freeways and streets.  Denver is probably only second to LA for miles driven on a daily basis.  The metroplex stretches from the north reraches of Ft Collins southward to Pueblo some 150 miles of continuious city, oh a few breaks but it one strung out city.  There are people that live in Pueblo and work in Denver or live in Ft Collins and work in Denver.  The automoblie lets people roam and it is to a deteriment.  As the polution ans sprawl becomes worse laws well be passed in hopes of cleaning up the environment. 


This is just a few miles west of Denver.  What had been open forest is now dotted with homes.  These are some of the smaller ones.  It is the mountains in the background that attracts people.  Snow capped peaks can barely be seen through the storm clounds setting on the continential divide.  These tranqil mountains are covered with homes and samll communties and the stores to go with them.  Some day there will be fires in the foothills to make the California fires look like bonfires.  Elevation is about 7000′ and drops down to Denver at just over 5000 feet in a few short miles.  As these people travel to and from work, play and shopping dirt and tire rubber are churned up and float in the air.  There have been times in the past when there is so much junk in the air one could not see these moiuntains.



Originally this had been cattle country and summer pastures.  Large barns provide protection for the cattle in the winter.  Taday these ranches are now subdivided and are growing houses on them.  Not many cattle roam the hills any more.



The Interstate was built a few decades back and during ski season it is bumper to bumper with skiers headed for the slopes.  The highway department hasd made it so easy to get into the mountains and the people take advantage of it.  when i was sking it was a two lane blacktop over a 11,000 mountain pass.  it was a trip that took some time and patience.  Today fly over the mountains.  More and more people now live in the mountains because of technology and the ease of getting around.  The long harsh winter is not dreaded like it used to be.


Colorado was going to host the winter Olympics a few decades back but the governor at the time put a stop to it.  He said there woulf be more people, pollution, roads built and land destroyed.  Well the olympics were dumped by Colorado and ended up some other place.  with all of the dire predictions of the governor about pollution and land being destroyed……well it came true and there were no olympics to blame.  Now what?.  There are things that will happen because people want them and fight and argue about things accomplishes not too much.  Since Denver rejected the Olympics there has been a black eye with the IOC for hosting any of the games here.


So when I look at the US President going over and lobbying for the Olympics in Chicago i have a big question mark….what is the motoviation, how much vested interest does he have.  For the governor that kicked the olympics out of Colorado was a democrat.  So where did the change of heart come from?  What makes Chicago a place that would be safe from pollution and land destruction among other things?


Oh well Denver is a city to visit then leave and for me that is how i view most big cities any more.  Then i have memories of Denver when it was a bustling cow town and I could hitch the buckboard out front of the saloon.


7 thoughts on “Mumblings on a Quiet Saturday

  1. I have travelled again through your interesting blog. The first and the last photo reminds me of my hometown. The photos are great as always. Take care. connie

  2. My cousin lives south of Denver. Hadn’t seen him in many years, was a pilot. I saw the city grow to crowd my ranch in WI. It was changing and houses were built and I couldn’t stop it. It’s so sad that man has to change everything and think it would be better or pad the pocket. Now, you telling me you hitched yer buckboard by a saloon? Alrighty then John you must share when you were born lol. Hope you are feeling better these days and all moved in where ever you are now.

  3. Hitching up the buckboard at the old saloon that reminds of my old day’s in MO. Was To young to go inside. With all the building thats going on no wonder this old earth is warming up.

  4. I’m sorry for what is happening to Denver because the same thing has happened to Chicago. As people trashed the city, they wanted to move to the suburbs. A suburban ring around the city formed and served its purpose until people wanted to get away from the crowding, and this pattern continued like the multiple circles of mushrooms called fairy rings. I have lived for 40 years in what was once the farthest west ring which was separated from the next one in by 10 miles. Not only has the sprawl reached us, it has passed us and building is going on for still another 15 miles away from the city. When I first moved here, it was the Boonies. I don’t want to have Chicago host the Olympics. They would be spread all over and I wouldn’t like that at all.Peace, Doc

  5. Hello John, just strolling by. Did not expect to read about ex-urban sprawl and was quite surprised to even consider how acreages ad such are displacing cattle ranching and other pastoral pursuits. It is the same here. I can recall when Metro-YVR did not exist, nor the homes crawling up the countryside. Such fights to ensure land reserved for agricultural preserve maintained with opposing sides arguing we could get our food from California/South America. Like no connection with need for land. Too true no Olympics to blame. However, bravo! YVR is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and the costs are exorbitant (sp?) and the stress on city is so pressurized. … er, I will not start on Olympics. Thank-you for sharing personal view of ex-urban sprawl photos and essay. Hope the move went along efficiently, nicely. Looking forwards to seeing photos of view from new living room/kitchen. Take care.

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