The 20’s was a ri[p snortin’ wide open era.  There was probition, the speak easies, fast times, loose women and gangsters.  So many things in the 20’s parrallel the turn of the century, 80 years apart.  The 2000’s started off fast living high flying, few scrupples and lots of drugs.  The 1920’s started the same way except lots of illicit booze.  The 20’s concluded with a stock market crash, we haven’t quite made it there yet.  So often history repeats itself….wonder if we are headed for another world war, that was after the depression.


This classic was at a car show and it reminded me of the 20’s.  Right out the moonshiners, speakeasies, flappers and gangsters.  I could see joe cool gangster cruising up to the local hole in the wall with his cronies and molls to celebrate.  there are other jalopies for other era’s….way to make stories.


20 thoughts on “tHE FLAPPERS AGE

  1. Good history lessons should be repeated often because some historic events are to painful to repeat. Is that a 32 Ford in the foreground and was the convertable tops referred to as flappers?

  2. Ah yes (red in the face) those flappers! Thanks John. It’s a good name for ragtops too I reckon! Riding down the road in my flapper with my flapper on my lap! Sumpin’ like dat, ya know.j the naive

  3. Great story abd photos. I haven’t been to a car show in a few years. Seeing a couple in the back ground brings back a few memories. The 55 Chevy, and what looks like a 40 or 41 Ford. Maybe a 39

  4. @ j had me ’59 Ford ragtop not sure if it was refered to as a flapper…..had some mud flapers on da truck and they flapped….chuckel

  5. John, Yet another fine blog and photo. In this day and age I fear that a World War indeed would be the last war leaving few if any survivors. Modern weapons are too destructive and world leaders are weak enough to deploy them. In the 20’s some family members owned a speakeasy in Milwaukee, Wi that was located in an alley behind city Hall. It became so popular that the mayor named the alley a lane. When I was Maitre d’ at the Barn of Barrington Tony Accardo AKA Joe Batters was often a guest. He gained the nick Joe Batters when he was Al Capone’s driver and body guard because of his ability with a baseball bat, off the playing field of course. It is said that Tony ran mob activities in Chicago for a number of years and had a hand in some Vegas ventures. One of my uncles went to high school with Mr. Accardo’s son young Tony when the family lived in Oak Park-River Forest. When I met the old man he was just that and always a perfect gentleman. I would seat him and friends in a corner with anonimity and never told the waitstaff or guests who he was. That is just one of my ties to the 20’s thank you for striking up my memory andas ever be well

  6. When I saw this Car I loved it and then stated to read. I love the ear of the 20s and 30s. I just saw the Movie the Ture Story Of John Dillenger with Johnny Depp. "Public Enemies.. I just loved it and it takes you back to this. The Gangs and the Loose women so too speak . All the gun and fighting and what really happened to John and the Love of his life..It was a great movie and so is this blog John. If you get a chance see it. Have a Wonderful Sunday.

  7. It is amazing how we idolize the gangsters. There is a charm about them that attracts people. Yet these people had no scrupples and were some the most selfish people that existed. They had serious control issues and will kill at the first opprotunity. I belive part of it the diffiance of authority that there is touch of in most of us. There is also an air of freedom which is but an illusion. Bonnie and Clyde became folk heroes and were idolized. How many people did they kill in their escapades. Yet it is at the same time and escape from the real world, a flight of fantasy. Then the silver screen people only show the flashy part of being a gang banger.

  8. Our nation has always idolized those who skirted or ignored the law, Billy the Kid, Jessie James, and the gangs from the old west to the Jets and Sharks of Broadway. We like anti-heroes, those flawed and more realistic people who have flaws but have the gumption to do as they please and damn the consequences!You are right about history, and as it was said, those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. We often fall into this trap becaue we feel we are too smart to fall into the same trap that others did. Well we do have the most dire world situation on hand, Iran and Israel, if one of them gets a little to anxious or sends the wrong signal (accidentally or on purpose) it will spark a world war because all the Arabs will side with Iran and most Western countries will side with Israel and the developing world will sit back and reap the benefits of giants knocking each other around. I doubt anyone would use a nuclear weapon, it would mostly be conventional but it would reset the world order is such a big way. The 20’s are seen romantically mainly because few people are alive to attest to how hard and grubby of a time it really was to live in. Only the top economic families enjoyed the excesses, everyone else either was used or tries to use othes just to get a taste. It was a sad time in our nations history as we started our addiction to living in the moment and feeling nothing could touch us from the rest of the world, how false that notion was.

  9. As far as the way things were, look at them now, we have raised a whole new generation that thinks nothing of lies, cheating and stealing, wearing their pants around their kneecaps and a whole lot of drugs in-between… and at that, drugs far more intense and addicting than ever was… and another world war? I think it’s just around the corner. Now, aside from all that.. nice car, I’ll take it! …. for that matter, any one of them. .. looks like New Mexico, or maybe Southern Cal

  10. As usual, a very interesting read. Not far from my home is the old "Thunder Road" that became a movie due to its history of being a moonshine route during prohibition. Souped up cars and men trying to feed their families for the most part. Illegal? Yes, but can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same to feed and shelter my family. BTW, the world in which we live is totally different from the world of politics and favors rendered for the "select" who consider themselves above the law. You know, many are. Sad state of affairs, but it will take a civil uprising to change a thing. No, I don’t condone violence, but the voices of the masses is much more effective anyway. And yes, I would have liked to lived in the roaring 20’s for a few months. Love reading about this portion of our history.J.W.L.

  11. WOW!! Love the pics!!!! All Classics!! They don’t make them like they used to. My uncle bought a Model A Ford when he was 16 and the engine parts were in a bucket in the back seat but he gor it going!! Great comments!!As for my neighbors, always a good show. Hope you enjoyed the song.take care John!

  12. History…repeat? Think so. Often such ahistorical times, especially now in ‘instant’ time. Taught history course a few years and learnt how not to be surprised that student knowledge of events sketchy. However, also came to appreciate some students born after first moon landing and this was ‘ancient’ history for them. I believe there are cycles given nature of human nature.Cars are beauts. I wish I had just once ridden in a very classic car. Best ride for me was when younger boyfriend had the most amazing (red) MGA and we would, as all did, take car out on highway late. That was awhile ago.

  13. Very nice photo. You think it was originally black and not red? You are so right about history repeating itself. We seem to never learn from the past, but repeat it. Like retro clothes etc too. Hope you are feeling better. Thank you for the advice my friend.

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