The Creeping Crud

Man did the crud jump up and bite me last Wed afternoon.  I could feel the cold creeping up on me all afternoon and by the time I hit the rack it was in its full fury.  Coughing, hacking, sputtering and feeling miserable.  Oh of the problems of being an ole buzzard, just don’t heal up as fast as I used to.  Today doing some what better but still have lots of coughing and sputtering.  Just don’t like laying around during the day and moaning so i get up and try to putter along.  In time it will be gone just have to enjoy the misery….
This is in a small town on the Kansas Colorado border.  The old corner gas station is now a storage portal for a camper.  The gas station is kind of unusual in that it is stucco.  Not wood siding or brick.  It is a very distinctive old building.  But look at some of the other stuff stacked up around it.  Some small towns become junkyards.  It does make for some intersting photos and to look at the stuff stacked up.  In the 30’s so many people just packed up and left their dreams behind, often in the middle of the night.

12 thoughts on “The Creeping Crud

  1. Hi John, I hope this finds you getting better by the moment. The structure reminds me a bit of the design of an old circa 1950 Sinclair gas station in my hometown.

  2. Honey an tea an vapo rub on chest and ah canning jar with hot water wrapped in ah towel to warm you.Speedy recovery John. When I see a picture like that I think of what I could do with the place…that’s me.

  3. We don’t seem to have quirky little buildings like this…If we did I doubt it would be long before it was demolished..and replaced by something ordinary looking.Am also full of cold this evening…just seemed to come out of nowhere..mind you since suffering the dreaded Swine Flu I constantly seem to be coming down with one thing ot another…hope you’re feeling better soon xx

  4. Sorry to hear that you have that Cold that is going around. I hope you get the flu shot this winter for that bad one that could get so many of us. I also hope you share some of your others photos this winter that you have tucked away. Im sure you have so many treasures just waiting to be shared. I for one would love it. They would be so interesting to see your Journey John. Get Well quick . Try Lemon Juice , Honey and very Hot Water. There is something in the Honey but that Im not certian of. I might get the flu shot for the H1N1. I m concered for so many with that one. In the 30s family died of the flu in the Country and were not found for days because of the contions at that time. Im sure you know all about that . I would love to hear your view. I heard it from my Grandfather or My Dad . Either way it just the way it was.Have a Great Saturday.

  5. Hope you are feeling better. For serious coughing try Buckleys taste horrible but does the job. What a great little building and then look at all the junk around. It could be made to look so nice. May your days feel better Hugs Carrie

  6. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well John. I hope and pray you have a quick recovery. Interesting photo. I would never have guest it was an old gas station. Thought it looked small to be a house. Take care and get better sooner than later.Dianne :)

  7. Spring and fall are cold seasons, I blame the stress on the body by the seasons changhing. Good old rest and relaxation can do wonders. Keep up the good spirits.

  8. Sorry you are not feeling well. So understand how add of a few years seems to slow down get well process and the need to get up and putter. This building just looks surreal. Great to know who bought into this design, what dream someone had.

  9. This gas station is extraordinary. I like the photo. Get well soon. I just recovered from being ill last week, Take care and look after yourself well dear friend.

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