The Sad Humor of Politics

Listening to the two political sides batter each other sometimes is very frustrating.  Yet these people have a very big impact on my life.  As they run each down and there are no consquences it becomes an acceptable behavior.  Deragatory remarks and put downs are almost common practice in society any more.  When will it stop?  Politicians are supposed to be of a mature age yet the language they use is sometimes worse then what i have heard at a grade school playground.
This quote came afer a demonstration and for the paper to even quote it is a problem also.  By using the quote the paper has become an enabler, part of the problem.
"Here is what I said: "These are extremist elements pulling together, distinct vocal minorities that frankly don’t believe in this country. They don’t want to see more people have access to quality affordable health care; they don’t want clean air and water. They fundamentally don’t understand how the American government, economy and capitalism work"
How would you like to be refered to like that?  So often people do not turn the cheek any more, instead they retaliate and crawl down in the gutter and hurl their brand of insults.  Personally if it doesn’t stop soon it will lead to some violence.  There are some very upset people out there and are getting fed up with the name calling.
Our language we use is like this Tin Lizzie, kind of primitive.  It would be nice if there could some respect for a difference of opinion.  Be like the person that restored Lizzie, a little bit of care and respect for her age.
Aaaahhhh for the simpler times and to go for a ride down memory lane.  May I help you aboard?
Have a great Thrusday getting ready for Friday.

8 thoughts on “The Sad Humor of Politics

  1. You are certainly correct John, and it’s a worldwide thing. How did this phenomonem occur? We could point fingers at the Internet, the profane music that is being aired on the radio these days and even the economy but what it all boils down to is people not taking personel responsibilty for their actions or words. Seems that religion plays a big role too.Glad you liked my ‘reporting’. No post or pics today….. Waiting to see which way these fires go. It was cooler today at 99 (yesterday it was 105), and that was at the coast.Take care John. Great post!Bob

  2. This is good post, given am concluding sessions with individuals re. respect/collegiality. Somehow media, I speculate, are implicated as derogatory ways of talk have emerged in crazy-talk (for me) programs like Mr. J. Springer. I have never watched a full episode of that program as it is so abusive. It seems like gutter talk then progressed to music ‘lyrics’ and ppl who tried to get PG ratings on records, radio etcetera were considered antique and/or brushed aside as not respecting ‘free’ speech rights. Everyday I hear the f-word and there are times I wonder if some can even extend their vocabulary beyond that. The discussion of topics seems to be becoming a lost art in the Time of Trash Talk. Enjoyed the post. I so wonder if this trend can be reversed and if journalism can redeem itself? Goodness I sound old-fashioned. Take care

  3. Canadian border dweller here and we all used to watch All the american news now most think its one big soap opera and turn the channel sadly but, don’t feel bad you should sdee our house of commonns broadcasts angel eyes

  4. The quote comes from a career politican, like most of them, who has not worked a real job in his life. My grandmoher always said people who resort to using profanity are lower class and have limited vocabularies and intellectual skills to debate issues civilally. I blame the public school systems who experiment with things like Ubonics, Hip-Hop English, and those of us who accept and condone the lazy practice of saying KFC instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken or using general descriptive terms or alternative spelling, erroding the understanding and robustness of the American English language.Our current state of affairs is due to drifting apart of the two philosphies on how best to guide the nation. It used to be less obvious to tell who belonged to what party and moderates ruled the fringes, it seems those days are gone. Our nation is in a dire need of a tune up, and just as a slick car salesmen can make us feel good for the moment, the further down the road we get the more we feel that sinking feeling we just got suckered, and that is where we are now. Are we goign to try to fix the lemon of a car we have, try to get that old classic back, or just throw our hands up and walk home in the rain, mad and disillusioned?

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