Nature’s Aerial Acrobats

When out at the ponds I was treated to an awesome aerial show.  A pair of flycatchers showed up.  It must of been meal time and or a fly hatch.  They roared in circling, diving, swooping and curling over the pond catching flies.



Round and round they flew, the rush of the air as they zoomed past the ears.  A slight dip, rise into the air, twist and turn to make another run.  The birds were relentless in their pursuit of the flies.  The show went on for minutes.  It was like I wasn’t there, they were so intent on the insects.



I was amazed at their skill in the air.  They could of given lessons to the Thunderbirds, snowbirds or the Blue Angels.  They were so precise in their turns and catching bugs.

I didn’t have an SLR I used a point and shoot and guessed where they would be and snapped.  Out of 8 shots 7 came out pretty good.  i even caught one’s reflection. 

They have neat chevrons on their wings and are decent sized.  They are king birds. 



5 thoughts on “Nature’s Aerial Acrobats

  1. Awesome photographs. The reflection photo is incredible! What a sight you did behold today while I strode through the urban intensity of YVR, shopping and then huddled in semi-dark cafe to coffee with friends as shared our meager insights about this-and-that. These are amazing photos captured. I imagine you out there on your pinto and the world just seems to wait for you to catch these moments you generously share. Take care John.

  2. Great photos. I wish I had more of my RC sailplanes with birds alongside. While I was doing my eight hour slope flight along the Illinois River, I had the honor of being accompanied in formation by two golden eagles. No cameras there. I’d willingly pay $1K for a picture of that moment. I remember the hairs on my neck standing out. Take the camera everywhere!Peace, Doc

  3. John, Thank you for the milestone wishes and for your comments. To me there is something almost magical about bird watching for when one observes nature, one recalls their place in nature.As ever be well

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