Birdbath in the Pond

Rambling across the prairies one can find small pot holes with water.  They are spring fed or part of a small underground stream.  Where the spring is on an escarpment there are dams to hold the water.  Most are small and for livestock but the wildlife love them also. 
The ducks like these small pools and float on the water in rrelaxation and safety.
At the end is a field of cattails where one of springs flows in.
Shade trees sit on the banks to offer some respite and sancturary
Trees guard the high side and offer some shade for the one who want to sit and enjoy
There is  a flycatcher floating across the pic snarfing up flies.
The weeds will be food for the foragers who roam the banks.
The other neat thing about the little ponds is the photo ops.  Water has a character of its own and it changes as the time of day moves with the sun.
shadow move, reflections shift, weeds curl, trees frame and nature paints the pallette.

9 thoughts on “Birdbath in the Pond

  1. Great photos John. Love the last one. Enjoy seeing a watering hole out there in the plains thats where I would be spend my time. I can see how the light changes from each photo changing the water. Thanks for the walk around the pond. Hugs Carrie

  2. A very peaceful looking place, When I was carrying what I call the big cameras, it was my two minolta SLR’s with five different lens and plenty of filters. This is one of my favorite places to look for.Great shots.1 minute ago |

  3. Always enjoy visiting for memories surface. Like cat tails. Recall walking with mother and her explaining how to eat the cat tails. Still remember being confused at eating the big brown furry stocks and her explaing to eat the roots (pealed). Boiled. Thank you for photos.

  4. John just a Beautiful Entry. I feel so at home when I come here. We see the same things. and your entry here at he bottom """shadow move, reflections shift, weeds curl, trees frame and nature paints the pallette."" is so true and has found a place in my Heart. Unforgetable. Lovely words John and Photos of the Praires. We are in a dusty area with all the combines going in Canola and Straw getting baled. I like it . Im so used to it and couldnt think of any better way of life and to think I was a City Girl once and had so much to learn and did. Take Care and Have a Beautiful Weekend.Lisa

  5. I can find serenity here., beautiful photos. I’m just imagining I’munder those trees watching the lake..Thanks for sharing, John.Wish you a good day. Take Cae and with love always ..connie

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