Late Summer

As summer moves into fall there is the last of the flowers blooming getting ready for the cold of fall.  The sun is lower in the sky and the lighting changes.  The light glistens off of the late bollmers creating a glowing effect at times.
Down in the ditch are these shiny gems.  The seeds will soon float with the wind, travel with the breezes of snow or float on the ditch water.  Next year the weeds will sprout and reveal their glory at the end of the year.
High up in a storm battered tree sits a black bird eyeballing the stranger in his territory.  The grackel will head south in a short time, the tree will shed its leaves and be ready for next summer when the birds return to roost in it branches.
Then there is this thing.  Either somebody gets embarssed real easy or a bizzare sense of humor.  In the middle of nowhere sets a port-o-let.  Nearest house is over a mile away and there are a few neighbors standing behind the fence on the other side.
These equines have a nice view of proceedings and probably would give lessons on how to make flat rocks wet. 
There are always a few that know when they are on camera and pose.  Maybe they are wondering what that two legged thing is standing in front of them.  The chestnut is a big one, moybe draft horse mixed breed.  They do like to watch the humans take pictures of them.
At the end of the day there is always a sunset.  this is looking east as the clouds catch the last rays of the Ole Sol.
Everybody have a good week ahead after having a great weekend.

7 thoughts on “Late Summer

  1. Good points all, John. I didn’t author that drivel But I just wanted some input from other folks on here. I guess the point was that at least healthcare is getting a glance. I too have private healthcare and betwwn private, Medicaid and Medicare, a good number of people are insured. However, that being said, not everyone is and that bothers me. This country could do so much more in so many areas, including healthcare. Hell, the world receives healthcare from us! Who knows what the final cost will be but keeping the illegals from receiving it will help greatly.Thanks much for your insightBob~

  2. I can see that flowers do bloom in other places, The horse photos were great and the story too. While I was at the park this morning, I was wishing that I had my big camera instead of the little one. There were two Bluejays playing in the trees. Would have been a good shot

  3. Oh John I enjoyed your tour of the prairie and it’s beautiful landscape. The horses are so beautiful. That portah pottie must be in ah halfway point huh? LOL! Have a ag great week too and enjoy life.

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