Eagle’s Perch

The Eagle Sets There


                Setting on the utility pole was a big bird.  From a distance I thought it was another falcon or hawk.  As I got closer I could see it was much bigger then one of them.  It was a golden eagle perched on the post.  I slowly rolled past it and stopped beyond a 100 feet or so.  I parked in the middle the road and got myself turned around to look backwards.  It was still on the pole, head turned watching the stranger warily. 

                The rear window slider was open, I took camera and pointed it towards the bird.  I didn’t want to disturb the big fellow for I knew at the slightest erratic movement it would be on it way.  Neck cricked and looking over shoulder I snapped a couple of pictures.  Slowly I eased out of the pickup door that was enough, the bird gave flight.  I quickly jumped to the side of the pickup snapping pictures.               


                Unknowing to me I had captured another flying object as the golden eagle took off.  Just in front of me a dragonfly went flying across the camera lens.  When I was processing the pictures I did a double take for I thought I had caught a couple of birds, nope just a bug and the eagle.


                Eagles are not real rare on the prairies.  There is lots of competition for the food and most of the rabbits are gone.  So the eagles have a larger territory to hunt.  There are now prairie dog towns nearby which make a pretty good meal for the big birds. 

                I’ve spotted bald eagles around but this is the first time I’ve been close enough to get half way decent pictures of the magnificent birds.


                Along the roads are various landmarks.  Lots of them are abandoned equipment or driveway decorations.



The old caterpillar looks like it broke and they just left it in the field rather than trying to fix it.


The old pull road grader sits at a drive entrance.  A good marker….go down the road until you see the grader, turn left and follow the trail to the house. 

Years ago one may have seen the old caterpillar pulling the grader.  Now both are rusting piles of machinery.


A touch of fall in the nearby trees.


12 thoughts on “Eagle’s Perch

  1. Great post and hotos, as usual!I thought of Epoxy and used my Dremel many time when I first got my dentures!!Have a Great Friday John!

  2. As my friend who disassembles machinery for scrap would say…I see money there. Beautiful birds and ya got a picture plus ah crick in the neck but priceless. My word the prairie looks lonely and naked. I have yet to see such land. I did cross boring Ohio on my way to PA. Have a good night John.

  3. You did get one Beautiful Bird John and I know how big they are. I missed one last fall. I will be looking again soon to see them come by here . I have a collection of Feathers Golden Eagle and Bladed , form young one to the Big one. I collected them all on Van. Island BC when I used to visit my mom . She lived right on the Ocean and that was a whole new view of the world. Seals came daily and sat on the Rocks and Barked. However I enjoy your blog and backroad travels. Peace and Blessings

  4. Makes a man want to go out and purchase a 600mm long zoom lens. You are a intelligent and insightful man John. Glad we have this distant friendship and topics to discuss.J.W.L.

  5. I knocked on a few doors today and now there are 3 more flags flying. Still pretty when you have to remind people what day it is.I hope you had time to listen to the song I posted. Just click the linkhave a peaceful weekend,Bob~

  6. How exciting to see an eagle! A Golden Eagle.Love photo of old cat.I so enjoy the contemporary history photos of places and equipment.Have a great strolling weekend.

  7. Couldn’t agree with you more about the condition of our country John. Obama is in trouble and too arrogant to know it. The man makes a good cheerleader, but he has no clue concerning the intellect of the common people. Over 7 million illegals in our country and not a word about sending them home. Frankly, the man alarms me more each day. I can only hope I’m wrong.J.W.L.

  8. Well those eagles need more poles to perch on to see things out in them there plains. Funny the dragon fly looks as big as the bird. Another great tour of the praries. Thanks for sharing Carrie

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