Having a great holiday?

Hope everyone had a great day on non-labor.  Grill a few dogs or beefsteaks, some lemonade or….  whatever you did i hope you enjoyed the time with family and or friends.
I harken back to my small days.  Labor day was the end and tomorrow was school.  There would be a community picnic out at the camp, often a pot luck.  there would be 300-400 people that would show up.  There would be games, conversation about the harvest and getting ready to plant.  How were the cattle doing.  then the school thing.  there would be enough of us juvenilles to have a baseball game.  Choose up sides and a couple of the grandparents would umpire.  Playing ball in a cow pasture was a challenge in itself but everbody had fun.  There was no safety gear, don’t remeber the catcher wearing any protection or anybody really getting hurt.  it was more pulling the stickers out of the rump. 
The neighbors from miles would show up and they would sit in the grandstand to visit and at times watch us play ball.  It was a fun weekend where everybody shared and all were friends. 
Took a drive out in the country this afternoon, took the camera, dogs, lunch and couple brews.  The country is so still, one can hear the light breeze ripple the grass.  Watched the birds hustle down the road to get out my way.  Man i hate it when they are to slow and meet the front of the pickup.  The hawks were circling and the doves were whirling and also saw a golden eagle, that was a treat.  Life is on its course in the country.  Got some good pictures and will post a few later in the week and on photobucket. 
there are some ponds south of town and offer a good change of scenery.  It’s amazing to be driving across the prairie and here is a collection of springs.  The early ranchers built dams and created micro environments for the wildlife.  There have been mountain lions and bear that have wander out this way.
I post a blog about some burma shave signs a few months back and this week I have gotten over 30 hits on it from stumbleupon.  burma shave must be hot.
Labor day was a good respite for me…how bout you?

One thought on “Having a great holiday?

  1. Love the description of the silence such one could hear the wind in the grass. I’ve heard that. What a sound memory awoken! Love the photo of the cows mooseying up for a slurp! Great description. What an amazingly lovely day. I so enjoy the walkabouts with you!! Thank you

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