There Be Yellow

There be yellow and there be more yellow.  with all the rain we’ve had the plains are in full fall bloom.  There are pastures that have yellow carpets so many blooms of the ditch sunflower cover it.  Then there are the yellow Chamisiama. cliusters of tiny yellow blooms.  Weeds with yellow blosoms hug the ground.  The blue green of the grasses and the yellow flowers make for some striking cpontrasts.
The pastures are loaded with flowers and the stubble from the wheat has a good collection of yellow weeds growing in it.
Then there is the Indian snow marker.  It puts out a spike of yellow flowers and the heigth of the flower is to be the depth of the snow this winter.  The plant is usually pretty accurate.
These things are about 3-4 feet tall and if we get that kind of snow on the prairie this winter there will be some serious problems.  They also have nice soft furry leaves and make a good sub for TP.  Plant with multiple uses.
Then there are athe sunflowers.  Some farmers have planted fields that are 2-3 miles long and half mile wide.  Yellow sunflowers rolling over the hills. 
The farm has been abandoned and been empty for a number of years.  The out buildings are used for storage.  Rows and rows of sunflowers beyond the RR tracks.
In the foreground are some different yellow flowers and some grey dusty ones.
On the horizon is Denver International Airport.  The tents of the terminal, hangers and the tower.  About 25 miles away.
Oh for want of a yellow flower……yyyeeeeeellllllooooowwww……………….

10 thoughts on “There Be Yellow

  1. Wow, John; I had forgotten how flat the plains are. I haven’t been out there in over 30 years. Being able to see 25 miles is amazing.

  2. John, Recall seeing miles and miles of sunflowers in South Dakota some years ago. The fields seemed to go on forever and then all of a sudden arrived in Aberdeen. The change of seasons does bring colors to the lands and if it were not so very overcast tonight I would take a glass to the yard and watch the moon. Poor excuse. I’ll take a glass to the yard anyway just sit and think a bit.As ever be well

  3. When I was stationed in Wichita Falls, Texas on a clear night you could soemtimes see the glow of the lights in Oklahoma City on the northern horizon from the balcony of our second floor apartment and on really clear nights you could see the glow from the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex to the south. The only trees for 100 miles or so were in the yards down on millionaires row where the oil tycoons lived. We can sometimes see 25 miles or more here but the humidity has to be very low so there’s no haze and you have to be on top of one of the tallest mountains.

  4. Morning John…Beautiful pictures as always..have never seen so many sunflowers.. I like the Indian snow markers too..have never heard of or seen them before…Here’s to a relaxing Sunday xx

  5. dear john!Thanks for you bring us such beautifull things!I think there must be a beautifull heaven in your heart! what are you dreaming of in your deep sleep?Is it heaven? from your friend chris

  6. The rows and rows of sunflowers are awe-inspiring! Such a beautiful photo essay on ‘yellow’. Thanks for sharing the beauty of moments you see and reminder there are these natural spaces outside of YVR. I love to visit your blog because there is such expanse of horizon and sky and the rare, forgotten beauty of the world. Thanks for posts and being so generous.

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