Another Perspective


                Down by the railroad tracks in among the warehouses and shops are small houses.  In these homes live families the government call the working poor.  The families that live in these small homes usually have various issues.  Usually it’s alcohol or drugs.  The money spent on these items take away from their families and they usually live on the cusp relying on the government to help them get to the next day.

                This collection of houses is a variety of rental and homeowner houses.  In these neighborhoods families are raised, children born, go to school, mom and dad go to work.  Their life is like most everybody else, they just do not have the income of others.  Alcohol, drugs, gambling and assorted other spending deprives their families of various things.  Yet they live out their lives, with joy, sorrow or anger. 

                When it comes to not having health insurance this group is probably the focus of the healthcare debate.  The working poor have been the beneficiary of numerous government programs, housing, schooling, jobs, food and medical…..yes medical,


                Take another look at the issue, in particular the numbers.  I’ve seen various figures but on average it is 40-50 million in the US that are uninsured.  Out of that group are 25-30 million illegal aliens.  Take the low number of illegal’s and subtract it from the high number and one is left with about 25 million people in the US without insurance.  Next group to subtract is the homeless bums/transients.  Maybe 5-10 million traveling around the country, these people have medical care available.  There are shelters and government funded programs for them, if they want it.  Key phrase, if they want it.

                There are so many that do not want any kind of healthcare, they only want their booze or drugs.  Then there are the mentally incapacitated that roam the streets.  Oh, what about the religious groups that refuse medical care and their care is through prayer.  They will never carry any kind of health insurance.  Their insurance is with intercession to God.

                Take these groups out and we are now down to maybe 10-15 million people without insurance.  Not a lots considering what our population is.  What about the unemployed.  Another group that is about 10-12%.  Most of these people have insurance available to them, lots of them are not willing to pay for it though.

                This brings me back to the working poor.  Most of them have health plans available to them but they choose to opt out because they want the money, for booze or something else.  Other thing is some of the jobs they work at are contract jobs and those do not offer insurance.  The people that go around collecting  junk/scrap metal fall into this group.  They are technically self- employed. 

                This country is looking at about 10 million people without insurance plans and lots of those people opt to stay out of health insurance.  The rest of the country has some type of health insurance.  All the plans are different but a tremendous majority in the country has health insurance.

                The question is; should all of us have one government sponsored health insurance plan so that a small minority of US citizens will be covered?  What is our obligation to these people or do we even have an obligation.  To provide a government plan will cost the taxpayer Trillions of dollars, currently it is only costing us millions.  Is money a factor?  Will these people be left behind?

                I have seen it so many times, a person’s pride gets in the way of asking for help or they just do not want to deal with the government red tape, so they go on sick.  So many plans to care for the poor and unemployed are currently in place, no one has any reason to go without health care.  What stops many from getting their care?  For many it is a lack of understanding or willingness. 

                Look at government health care versus private care.  Styles carry a premium, neither is free, the premium may be taxes or personal dollars, one way or the other it is being paid for.  I know of no professionals that work for free. 

                Government care, the VA, I have a vein that has a tendency to clot so I take blood thinners.  Right now aspirin is adequate.  I asked the VA if they would remove the vein, the VA said no, it would be medication.  Private care it would be an elective outpatient surgery, if I had that type of plan available and I did.  Government care will not cover the elective surgeries.  Instead government looks to medications to fix a person.  That’s how the military operates, medication and therapy, there are no electives.  Government healthcare is very minimal.  Look how the government works, then consider how it would operate a healthcare system.

                How big of a bureaucracy would there be?  How much money would be spent on government agents?  Would they really deliver a good quality healthcare?

                Back to the people that live on the cusp.  Would these people get any better healthcare?  Right now they get minimal healthcare.  A few blocks from these block of row houses is a clinic for them, government funded, ways down the road is a huge modern hospital that get government money to provide for them.

                When I step back and really look at the circumstances I see nothing practical about the government running healthcare.  Instead what I see is a lot of jealous and envious people.  These people are always complaining about the rich.  First thing out of their mouth, “Oh the rich get all the care, they are taken care of,” a very jealous statement to state that the rich get the best. 



                I have never been rich but through private insurance I could get the best care available and I have seen it happen for some of my friends.  They had coverage through the same company I had. They went to the Mayo clinic among others.  Oh these were just working class teachers and don’t even think about calling them rich.   With my ex we battled through breast cancer, there was nothing second rate and everything was covered.  I believe out of pocket expenses were less than $1000.00.  Total bill was over 50K.

                There is an entitlement by a small group of people that think they can make decision for me better than I can make them for myself.  No I like my choices and if I make a mistake I want it to be my responsibility that some big brother looking over my shoulder.

                Until we are willing to start pushing for tort reform there will not be any changes in healthcare.  Even if the government runs it there will still be lawsuits.  We need to get some people that are willing to stand up to the attorneys.  When that becomes a priority in health reform we will be on our way to a positive change. 

                What’s being proposed right now is re-inventing the wheel and solves nothing.  It will cost us more money.  If you are willing to spend my tax dollar why aren’t you willing to spend your money.  Money will not solve this problem.

                To deal with issues I have found out that if I can get things into smaller pieces I can then get the bigger picture to come together better.  First little piece is tort reform.  Second piece should be the AMA (American medical Association) these people artificially inflates medical costs by limiting the number of slots for medical school.  More doctors, more competition and prices go lower.  Next address the issue of drug costs and continue down a list.  Small pieces are easier to deal with rather than trying to re-invent the wheel.

                I look at these houses and see people that go about their life in their style and there are some people that do not like to see people live that way.  Yet since time immemorial, there have been poor people and I doubt if we will ever eliminate poverty.  It’s a human factor.






5 thoughts on “Perceptions

  1. Excellent blog! The radical left loves to control things, the whole counterculture movement was born out of thier desire to have total control over things. One thing I have keept seeing come up is this ‘us verses them’ argument. The faceless, evil rich who step all over everyone to reap profits. This is an easy argument because very few people see themselves as rich. We have seen Health Care reform backers go so far as to bite off the finger of a bystander who went to an anti-reform crowd to ask what they were doing, then was savagly attacked. This is what scares me, putting the patients in charge of the asslym. If anyone has taken the government assistance in place to meet the needs of the poor you will see the real problem. The workers are lazy, aggrivated, and have not time or patience to assist those who come to them, they see these people as a burden (for the most part). Over half my life has been of a working poor person, I never made over $24k per year until I was in the military and did not make that again until 7 years after getting out (3 of which I was in college with 2 part time jobs and no insurance at 30). I have used the VA and tried to help my mom with all sorts of government programs – of which she is denied 95% because of road blocks set up and supported by local and regional staff. For too long the government has offered handounts, these are now seen as rights and perminate fictures to our social policies. The change so many voted for will not come from a government or policy but from a shift in thinking from within the society. Helath Insurance debates across America are only bringing to a head much deeper and more concentrated frustration at the current system and the drift away of the direction our government has been on for decades from what most people in the country feel and believe.

  2. Dear John, I comment as a Canadian. I like reading all of the detail of this alternative perspective and reminder that U.S. is not completely without provision of some health care. Good question to ask if the numbers warrant such expense of set-up and overhaul of how health care delivered. Really enjoyed thoughtful read. Thank you!

  3. Great post. I t remindsme of rocky Ford colorado. The clinc there had better DR.s and care then my insurance provided for the area.

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