Few days Gone and….

Take off for a few days to run some errands, get stuff and take care of aome business and i get back and the mail box if full, there are comments and other things to tend to.  I’ll be a space hopper and go visiting.  probably no much commenting just take a walk down the block and listen.   Must be getting close to fall, the fiields were loaded with yellow flowers and a few looked like yellow carpets.  Tues. we had the forest fire smoke and wow the next morning there was a sunrise of crimson rose on the eastern horizon. 
Wishing a great weekend and holiday for all. 

9 thoughts on “Few days Gone and….

  1. Take care, and take of things, don’t let the smoke get you down.Have a great week end. A storm is brewing here, the temp is down to 70 now, wind is blowing.An old man told you this.

  2. John, That is a very good sky shot. Fine photograph. The Chemo port is just under my right collar bone. The gin port is in the middle of my face just between my chin and my nose. Have a good great weekend andas ever be well

  3. Hiya John.seems Autumn has already hit here…not that I mind too much, It’s such a beautiful season…Love the picture..Hope you have a relaxing weekend my friend xx

  4. Our fields of soybeans are loaded with yellow and fading green. The corn is changing, too.The freshness in the air tells us that school is just around the corner.Thanks for stopping by to visit.Have a great weekend!

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