Blessed Week Ahead


Have a Blessed Week



                Today was an October day, cool, overcast and dreary.  We got up to 63 degrees late this afternoon, now in the high 50’s, pleasant day to go outside and putter around.

                After church this morning they burned some dogs and ground up steer.  It was appreciation for the pastor and a good get together and break bread.  Church pot luck could feed an Army, there is always so much food.  No one leaves hungry.  It is nice to sit down and visit with fellow members.  I usually look to sit with people I don’t see through the day.

                Cloudy and overcast, had to wear a light sweater when outside today.  Hopefully tomorrow will get the trench dug for a new sewer and gas line.  Still have some more work to do but I will get it fixed up and ready before the frost shows.  After the cool day it feels like tonight.  Low is predicted at mid 40’s, great sleeping weather.

                One of the communities south of here had 2 feet of hail last night and there was hail in other spots, baseball size.  Hail beats up the crops along with other things.  The cattle out in the pasture are just stuck in it.  Two feet of hail……that’s a bunch.

                Sunday’s are an easy going day, a time I remember the source of my blessings and give thanks to my creator for all that he has given me.

                May your week be a glorious and prosperous one, with God’s blessing.

The sun retires for the evening revealing the glory of God’s eventide.  For there is Peace Like a River for those who walk in the steps of Christ.

8 thoughts on “Blessed Week Ahead

  1. We need your weather HERE!! Things have become dicey. Winds shifted last night and all 5, now 6 fires are spreading in all directions. Could be worse though…. No Santa Ana winds. It cooled of a bit today… only 96F today.Love that photo!! It’s been a good day, all in all. Church was just what I needed, as usual.Take care John!!Bob~

  2. Hi John! It was cool here in Ontario also and cloudy and rained off and on all day. Good day to rest and relax before my busy week arrives. Love the way the light is shining on the clouds.Thank God for His Peace that passes all understanding! Do have a great week John and God Bless You.Dianne :)

  3. A great weather report, It was cool here in Texas, low ninties, The morning was great for walking to church. Maybe the heat wave is over.Have a great week, be careful digging.

  4. Hello John.,thank you for your comment….I feel I have travelled a great distance , life wise…..but then , so do all people. …finding their way through their time on this planet called Earth…and I like nothing better than staring at the sky above….makes things seem so small and insignificant ….. here in the Midlands of England the weathers cooler, windy but still the sun shines through the rain-clouds…always a sign of hope of things to come.Good luck weather wise….for the trench digging……………………take care…………………..Sheena……….xx

  5. Ok I got a little worried when I read they burned some dogs and ground some steer. I had to reread it a few times. Things sometimes take a bit to sink in for me. I have been know not to get certain jokes…

  6. Gatherings with food the fellowship is priceless. Now you say 2 feet of hail? The poor animals yet humans too to deal with that. Not good at all for crops. Trenching is a hard job. Hope you have the machine and not doing it by shovel. It was a beautiful sunset last night.

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