Old Iron

For those that have direct TV, a few may of watched RFD network.  They have a program on it titled Old Iron.  It is about tractors, old old tractors.  Out in the country side there are all types of old tractors setting in the weeds.  Most of them are rusting along.  A few get restored, most are, one of those days, projects.  "One of these days I’ll get to it.
This is a M&M tractor, it ran on propane.  Through the 50’s it was popular to have propane.  It was cheap fuel, ran clean and was the same fuel that was used in the kitchen.
Diesel was just coming along and soon would replace gas and propane fired tractors.
Massy Harris was merged and disappeared later.
Look at the tools setting beside it, ready to go to work.
Then there were the crawler tractors.  What a jalopy to race across the fields with.  It’s popularity didn’t last long, expensive to operate but man could they pull a load.  McCormick Deering may be know for its reaper and gin.  both helped to change US history.
today they are piles rusting metal.  Someday they may get fixed up but for now I can take some pictures of them.  It is so much fun to roam around some of the old farms. 
Evening settles across the country side, the com tower rises above the skyline.  Another day will be in the books and God provides a great show.

8 thoughts on “Old Iron

  1. Man, there’s probably dozens down in the hollers round here. As a matter of fact I know where one old Massey Ferguson is in the process of returning to it’s base elements just up the street. Maybe I can get some shots once fall gets here and the kudzu dies back.

  2. John, you are so rightabout roaming the old farms, or just roaming out in the country.I love the last shot.Have a good one. Oh, there is a company soputh of Austin that takes the old tractors and converts them into smokers for barbequing and smoking the good stuff.

  3. before i was born my dad used horses as far as i remember he had an international you started with a crank angel eyes

  4. Always enjoy your historical photos and hope they are archived somewhere. I do not recall have never seen a tank-like tractor. Seen many old tractors out on the farms but never one that looks so fiercesome. What an amazingly odd design. Does design tie-in with WWII? Wonder what the inspiration was for such a vehicle? Thanks for comment re. labour day. Was an amazing historical event to discover with research and consider the struggle of workers to be treated as more than donkeys but as human beings. & appreciated reference to socialist/communist momentum at that time as well. There is sometimes I think a forgetting of how events came to be…we live more ahistorically? Your earlier post/email re. Presidential visit highlights well how knowledge of events can become diluted/erased. Take care and always appreciate the ex-urban photographs.

  5. This is very nostalgic for me. I think that same tractor was rusting in our back ravine. :)I love finding beauty in the most unique places!We had Minneapolis Moline tractors back then and Massey Ferguson, blue Ford tractors and even a gray Gleaner combine.My husband has always liked John Deere. He had a huge collection of old John Deere toys and pedal tractors, but has since sold most of them.It’s always kind of sad when I see rundown farm sites and wonder why they were let go to ruin.Love these pictures.

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