Tuesday Poetry on mon? 08 24 09

                                                            In the autumnal haze do I fade

                                                           Ever resplendent in my colors of age

                                                           Slowly with time do I lay myself bare

                                                           Increasingly exposed to the adage of snow

                                                           More and more do I feel the pull

                                                           With each one I further go

                                                            There is no more

                                                             Increasingly stronger are the

                                                            Pressures to surrender

                                                           With each new one I lose a little

                                                           Only to be replaced by a new one



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Poetry on mon? 08 24 09

  1. Nice art work john! i can catch the smell of haven from your words!amazing!Both of you and your poem are wonderfull my dear friend!and thanks for your friendship!Have a nice day and take care!My god bless you!From your friend chris

  2. Read Tuesday poetry on Friday PM? Like that you remain resplendent and the image of how in age we lay ourselves bare, want to be exposed, tell the story. There is a pull as well and more alertness? Alertness, at least, for me…or maybe awareness. Surrender? I am thinking on what surrender might be/might lead. Always enjoy the suggestiveness of your poems. Thanks poet.

  3. I think I meant more show the skeletons re. exposure. With age all the secrets do not seem in such need of protection?

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