Living Quarters

The style of the person’s home reflects on the people that liver in it.  Large flowing lavish homes for the self indulgent, neat well kept cottages for the city dwellers, rambling homes with porches for the rancher, two story bungalow for suburb middle calss and a depot on hillside for for the railroad buff.
This is a RR depot that was moved some 40 years ago.  The owner is a big time RR man.  He has his own small railroad in the pasture beside it and builds am,usement park style trains in his shop.  Sitting in the morning with cup of joe, listening to the voices of the past calling out the train departure.   All Board, train 33 for all points departing track 3.  All Board goes the call.  Climb aboard the train, listen to the clicking of the wheels.  Relax have another cup of joe.


For the rail buff it couldn’t be much better.  
I have seen people live in some unique homes but this depot is a first. 
Guess my barn wasn’t so unique.

10 thoughts on “Living Quarters

  1. My hubby has always wanted to convert one into a home and live in it. He loves trains and tracks. I love the buildings but have no alure to be near tracks or trains. But I will share a cup of joe with you listen to your stories..

  2. There are a few barns around here people have converted to very nice houses. As for the train station; living 30 yards from a set of tracks in Arkansas that were useed by express freight trains all hours of the day and night cured me of any fascination I ever had for trains.

  3. I am fixing up a loft in an old barn, that is where I am sleeping now. Funny RM would mention that. I myself love the sound of a train in the distance. I grew up in mining towns and train was almost in the house. LOL. It gives me comfort, like the mountains as these are home to me. great blog and photo,….. like the hippie lament comment ya left on your visit….. cute.

  4. A home is what we make of it. I once knew a guy who turned an old caboose into a house. It was the coolest thing. Have a great day.

  5. Way cool. Reminds of when children how we would play in very tiny train depot and how time spent in train depots as aeroplane travel was at one time not commercial and too expensive. Like how this homeowner meshed home with interests. Guess I would have to live in a giant flower? Seed packet? Watering can? LOL Have a T-riffic choo-choo day :)

  6. Reminds me of a story book back grade school, The Boxcar Children, or something like that. I always wanted a log cabin.Great story.

  7. I remember the story about the Roayal Pavillion in Brighton England, it was originally a farmhouseand it was reconstructed into an exotic fashion.

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