It Be Saturday


                I put things off during the week and sometimes I put them of too long.  Went to get a plate for breakfast this morn and there were no plates, whoops.  Time to make dirty dishes into clean dishes.  Weekends are also cleanup day.  Fix a few things and catch up with myself.

                Just gave the little doggies some hardboiled eggs.  I get guinea eggs at no charge so I gave a few to the dogs for their coat.  Ohhh do they love me afterwards.  One thing about being the country is some farm fresh products.  Guinea eggs are little smaller and different in texture, they sure taste good.  I don’t eat many so I share some with four legged companions.

                Change the bedding out and with the dry clear air we have let things just sit in the fresh air and sun.

                It has been a strange summer, we have gotten so much rain it feels like the Midwest at times.  A cousin farms NE of here.  Talked with him while back, he said they have gotten 35 inches of rain in the past 12 months.  That’s Midwest moisture.  Average for him is 18-20 inches and I get 12-15 inches rain on average per year.  It has helped to keep the summer cool.  There are usually a dozen days or so over temps over 100 degrees.  We haven’t broken 100 yet this year and less than a week has been the nineties.  This week may get into the 90’s.  Neighboring town 30 miles away has been the 100’s several times.  We have been 10-15 degrees cooler.

                Showers and storms most every afternoon has helped to keep things cool.  All the moisture brings the bugs out though.  Mosquitoes galore, grasshoppers, flies, spiders, crickets among other crawly things.  The birds have been having a feast on the hoppers.  They get after them, wish they were better fly catchers though.  One or two flies get and next morning there is a flock of them.  Busy little flies at night.  Spend part of the morning swatting.  I put a fly strip and in the morning I’ll find a pair or two attached to the fly paper.  What a way to go, attached for eternity in blissful ignorance.

                End of next month should have our first frost and should get rid of some of the pests.  Living so close to horses and cattle flies should be expected.  They are annoying.  The hoppers though are eating up some of my garden.  The weather had cooled off so much the squash stopped growing.  Warming back up they are growing again but the hoppers are having a feast.  Gonna have to spray around them again.

                Rolling with life ups and downs, over the horizon, hills and valleys, one step at a time.  My Lord and my Keeper I seek His footprints.  What He endured on the day of passion is very humbling.  A crown of thorns, spikes through each hand, legs nailed together to hang from a cross until dead.  A perfect sacrifice for my sins, Thank You Lord for Your strength.


Nickname for horses, Bangtail.  Any one know why?

13 thoughts on “SATURDAY

  1. I enjoyed reading this entry and felt right at home. We havent had that much rain . Around us more and in someplaces less. Too late for some crops and some will be ok. Just ok. The leaves are slowly starting to change here and we have had our first frost. Not a killing frost but it was there. Loved the Horse photos here. Thankyou for your words of Wisdom on my Blog John. So many many things to think about and so many to be grateful for. Have a wonderful Day and rest of the Weekend.Lisa

  2. I have never heard that nickname for horses. The Drafts we have here have the tails docked early or few weeks of being born.

  3. After five years of drought we ave nearly 10 inches above average on rainfall for the year and the high temperatures are averaging nearly 10 degrees cooler than normal. All this moisture brought on a tomoto blight and folks that are alway begging you to take some off their hands are actually buying hothouse ‘maters at Food Lion. They don’t taste anywhere near as good. We’ll get our killing frost around the first part of October.

  4. John, Have not used a clothes dryer in years. Come to like the smell of threads dried in the sun and air. Though I live alone there is never a dirty dish left in the sink no matter how much I take to drink. Always enjoy reading your posts andas ever be well

  5. John, Your not keeping up with the dishes by the sounds of it. Try and get them done at least once a day and remember to rinse all plates under cold tap.Hugs Jewelie

  6. Bangtail is a slang term from the horse track. As the horses raced down the track there were small explosions from the gas being emitted. hence……………….

  7. Please tell me what Bangtail means, I have no idea. Except for swashing away flies…LOL…its a guess. As for weather it has been much cooler here this year also, we are having many of the same problems with insects too! I am glad I picked the plums when did this last week as the birds have cleaned em out already. I am waiting on peaches and pears….I hope they ripen up soon. My son has a good washer/dryer, I am set about some things I suppose as I like to dry clothes outside or in air too. Although, I would like to get a hold of a good wringer washer. I always liked those, I washed diapers with one of those 35 years ago, I learned to cook/bake on a wood stove, also used a coal furnace for years. Stinky but good and cheap.We have had about 10 days over 100 degrees in this part of UTah but in southern parts they have had many many days of hot 100’s starting back in April. I remember one day in April it was 108…ugh.Great blog John, I love horses very much….beautiful photos you have here.hugs and smiles to you.

  8. I’ve experienced a little of that bangtail syndrome myself. Particularly troublesome after pintos but, those take a distant second to an artificial sweetner found in no sugar added snacks. I’m talking deadly singedtail not to be confused with bangtail at all. And that’s no horse malarky. On the lighter side it does keep the sketters down.j

  9. Oh I love the horses. I’m laughing at Bangtail. It’s funny how we view each other’s lives because you seem to be living my dream life. Out in the country with my animals.(And no I’m not looking forward to the China takeover….) Good heavens!

  10. There certainly is beauty in them praries when some rain falls. We are feeling the extra greenery from some extra rain the last few weeks. Everything is staying alive and fresh.. We too could get frost any day. Thanks for reminding me I better go and get out all my row covers for added warmth on the beds. there is a new nip to the air at night. Hugs Carrie

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