photo fiddler

Everybody have a great week.
I enjoy traveling the back country roads and taking pictures of the stuff that is from a time past and has weather out.  Things with some character.
I will fiddle with a picture at times to change the effects.  I don’t have photoshop but I have some different programs to fiddle with pictures.  One of the fun things is to try and give old things an old feeling.  In the days of the darkromm it was using toner.  Now it is a click of the mouse then adjust the exposure some and effects.
This old house sets next to the railroad tracks in a ghost town.  Most of the buildings are gone.  It looks like some one has tried to protect it some with the windows covered over.  What I like about it that there are two differnet houses joined together, two different styles..  It may of been a boarding house for its size and being next to the tracks.  Behind rolls the crick.

11 thoughts on “photo fiddler

  1. It looks like the left part may have even been a barn at some time. There are may old house around here that have been added onto, some more than once, with different architectural styles for each addition.

  2. What a beautiful shot. There seems to be presence, old house with stories to tell. Yes, a click of the mouse and a photo/graphic is transformed. What at-home tools we have now.

  3. Photo’s like that I always find interesting, I wonder whats the story behind the house and who once lived there. From the side it kind of looks like a barn, something like the Waltons lived in.Hugs Jewelie

  4. Great work, When I lived on the East coast I would travel around looking for the old stuff, yes they are very interesting and if the walls could talk there would be some great stories told.

  5. What ever this house or home may have been at one time is so very very unique and interesting. I love the effects you put to it. Also I love to travel the back roads in search of so many different things. I havent been out for awhile. This gives the need to go. Soon I hope. I enjoyed this John. Thanks for sharing . I wonder how old this place is and so much more.Have a Great Week.Lisa

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