Life’s Door and a black Bird

There are some things i see that beg for capture.  One of them is old doors.  The old doors have such an aura about them, the other is their texture.
This door is probably 70-90 years old from the appearance of the door knob.  It faces east so it doen’t get the hot harsh sun of the afternoon and there is a small overhang.
Lives have passed through this gateway of business and commerence
Then there was this bird.  It was perched on a dead tree,  doing the one legged bird hop I guess.  There are not many lakes in Colorado but there is lots of aggregate and this was a gravel pit.  Now it is a place for a bird to hang out in.  Not sure what it is but it looks like a cormorant.  Not usually found in Colorado…lost bird?


Unusual things found hopping around the semi-arid land.  then that’s why cool off in the eve.  We can have a daytime high of 98 and cool off the 62.  We’ve had some mid 40’s at night.  Makes for some good sleeping and no AC.


Ya’ll in the hot lands stay cool.




7 thoughts on “Life’s Door and a black Bird

  1. John, Was in the 90’s today and way humid. Did not deter my afternoon walk or baking a loaf of fresh bread. Real butter is as sweet as an old door and a misplaced bird is a good sighting. As ever be well

  2. What a lovely find a bird doing a one legged hop….charming.I find doors and windows facinating….especially the old ones! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.

  3. That looks like a Cormorant but in Colorado? I will try to enlarge my screen but the red marking looks familiar. Was as large as a cormorant? How odd. Now this might be poetically inspiring. The old door certainly brewing poetry. Must return to proofreading text lne by line. Lovely and gorgeous rainy day in YVR, diluting smog and making air once again breathable.

  4. Yes it looks like a Cormorant, but I think birds are moving way out of there normal territory now. Love the old door. That is an item that so many hands would have touched. Its cooling in our parts. Well be getting almost freezing night very soon.

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