Country Roads

I enjoy traveling the back country roads when I go places.  Not much hurry any more so I go where  I can enjoy things.  The cameras are with me and I’ll take pictures of various things then they are processed into the puter.  I’ll use a few and the rest are there.  I go back and sort things out, whoops that’s a neat picture with a story.  Some have set in the back wiring of the electronic beast for awhile.  This one was taken early summer and it is so typical of the many ranches and farms.  Equipment is parked and left to rust or rot away. 


This appears it may of been a prairie schooner with the hoop laying across the top and size of the wheels.  Even a good possibility that this was the wagon this family’s ancestors traveled out in.  It is well kept area, weeds mowed, few tumble weeds.  Behind is a small garden and beyond is another farm.


Would love to hear the stories of this wagon.




3 thoughts on “Country Roads

  1. Is that another ‘Clunker’?? HAH! Hope your weekend is ‘Lite…De…Ful too my friend!Hope you find those cards!Bob

  2. I love pictures like the wagon. It does tell a story if you really look. The scratches, notches and maybe bite marks from an animal,I could wonder in an old barn for hours seeing the history if you know where to look.

  3. Would love to have the wagon. Junk to some people treasures to others. We have some old stuff left from the early 1900’s on our place. Always a treasure to find something..

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