Headlines HUMMM…..

times of turmoil is when this clunker was built….the depth of the depression

Cool car sounded great, had old flat head and pipes.  Early days muscle car


Headline Notes


                Kind of interesting, Former President goes into hostile territory and retrieves some waylaid Americans.  Wonder how it would have played out if the NY Senator would have became president.  Now when I say that I believe it would have been the same.  I believe we made a mistake though when we chose the Chicago senator over the NY senator.  Doubt if she would be spending us into bankruptcy like Hussein Obama is.  Her agenda is a little bit more moderate then Hussein’s is.  There are things happening today that are scary and remind me to much of Russia a 100 plus years ago.

                At the turn of the century communism was a buzz word around the world.  There were the Bolshevik’s that overthrew the Russian monarchy.  At the same time there were communists marching in the major cities around the world demanding better working conditions.  In the United States there was a communist party.  The communists became organized enough to garner some votes in a few elections.  Because of working conditions and the promises made by the communists there was more than a passing interest in communism. 

                This was long before McCarthy came along.  At the turn of the century there was lots of fear and lots of scare tactics being used.  The one thing that stopped communism from becoming more prevalent in the US was the organizing of trade unions.  Trade unions were able to get better working conditions and so communism started losing its appeal but it never went away.  Even today the economic paradigm the Karl Marx drew up has lots of appeal.  In an ideal situation Marxism sounds great.  The biggest problem is the human factor.  We are not all the same and we all want different things and how to achieve our goals.  Hence Marxism falls apart when it is in practical application.  It took the Russians about a century to discover that.  China right now is becoming the economic giant that the US was years ago.  China is losing some of its grip on economic policies.

                So I go back and compare Clinton and Obama.  Clinton leans to the left but not to the far left of communism.  I believe she learned a little bit from her husband when he changed as his first term was midway and popularity was dropping.  He shifted to the middle and became a moderate democrat to get re-elected.  See if Obama does that.  So far there are no indicators.  He is appearing to be very arrogant.

                The other comparison is Hillary and Sonia, both fairly political astute when in their supportive environment.  Unlike Sonia Hilary did not use a race card to get where she is, instead she rode the coattails of her husband.  Hillary did get into the university on her own though unlike Sonia who I have heard was a race quota student.  I can see that because her scores were so low.  The two ladies ride the headlines, not on their merit.  For me it is sad to see race and gender used so much to gain position.  Not sure how hard working they are but that was one of the things that moved one’s career along.  Hard work anymore seems to be lost to the entitlement mindset.

                There are other liberal judges out there that were more qualified to sit on the bench.  Why was Sotomayor chosen, was it her gender and race?  Lots of pundits point out how historic it will be.  I really do not care how historic it will be.  I would like to see someone a little more competent on constitution law headed for the bench.  The law of the Supreme Court is based on the Constitution and this is what their decisions are supposed to follow.  There are some constitutional liberal judges out there that are better versed in the constitution then Sonia is.

                Hope we can live with this decision.

                Clunkers for cash, a dangling carrot to make the consumer drive green cars,  One way to get people out of their big autos but……  First thought that came to mind is how many greenie environmentalists traded in their big SUV’s and 4×4’s.  They tend to be hypocrites.  You do this but not me.  Cash for clunkers is interesting in that it is good for a short time but people want more and the expectations that it will happen again so they develop a sense of entitlement that the government will have something like this.  It is also a very subtle form of coercion.  Forcing people into choices they wouldn’t make otherwise.

                Some auto analysts are saying it will hurt their sales next month when the new models come out.  People will be loaded with cars then expect the government to help them buy a car.

                Kind of like what I heard on the finance market bailouts.  A company was in trouble, rather than making changes they kept on the skids because they expected the government to bail them out.  Even the banking business is developing a sense of entitlement. 

                As a country I wonder what kind of feed trough we are making?  Go the DC and there are scores of embassies around the Capitol.  Like a bunch of buzzards lined up on the steps waiting for food from Capitol Hill.  Now it US citizens lined up at the government’s doorstep wanting money…..for what?  How can we reward mistakes?

                The post office is in trouble…surprise surprise.  They are talking about closing some offices and cutting back on services.  Mail Delivery is very expensive and this electronic age has cut into the letter business.  One thing the post office could do is cut back on home delivery in the city.  They now have neighborhood mailbox stations.  One letter carrier can deliver quicker to these kiosks quicker then home delivery.  It is also more secure then the mail box on the front lawn.  These little neighborhood mail stations are all key operated so only the key holder can get in.  Somebody waking sown the street can not check out your mail.  For various reasons I doubt the post office will disappear but it is dire need of an overhaul, maybe even re-invented.  Let UPS deliver in the little brown truck?

                What changes would really improve your life?  What would you change to make your life better?  Will the government changes make your life better?  Some tough questions I ask myself.  I’ve had hand ups in my life but I don’t like hand outs…for they have crippled me.  Hand outs to my incentive away from me.  What is really important in life? 




6 thoughts on “Headlines HUMMM…..

  1. I like my life the way it is. I don’t need anyone’s help and pray that’s the way it stays. The problem I see with the country right now is the government "helping" big business through the bailouts and such. They’re going to be right back where they were if they don’t change business as usual. I also understand there are people who need assistance, but it’s time to kick some lazy people back into the workplace or let them starve. That sounds cruel, but the people who really need the help can’t get it because other people are playing the system.

  2. Clinton DID do something in North Korea, the freeing of the prisoners was just a pre-text and anyone who has been around a block or two knows this, unlike most of the sheeple who only listen to the main stream media. Cash for clunkers would be great if it did not DESTROY 100% of the cars you turn in for it. Charities and kids getting a first car or people getting a cheap alternative vehicle for winter, getting wood, or so they don’t drive the ‘nice’ new car to work so much will now have little to no options. The used car and parts market will really suffer from this, but Obama dosen’t care, he just wants to get rid of 6 and 8 cylinders. I remember once upon a time the USPS wanted to charge a ‘tax’ on email to recoup lost revenue, I hope that option is off the table this time. I like the kiosk idea, sort of like the Malibox Co. just a building full of post office boxes and a person who sells and helps with packageing and shipping of stuff throug the carrier of your choice. To improve my life I would want the federal government to shrink about 30%. Term limit Congress. Repeal the ‘death tax’, revamp public education, provide tax incentives for innovation and efficiency, and limit federal powers and re-enstate State’s Rights. Force the feds to run the budget at no more then 20% GDP and pay off a certain portion of the national debt each year to reduce it within 50 years. This would ensure we could have good jobs, non-intrusive interference from the government, lower taxes, and more freedoms to live our lives the way we see fit. The feds should provide a universal framework of basic rights and protections that apply to all, the states should fill in what best works for them, and the people are free to go to the state that aligns with their philosphy the most.I want a job I like, in a place I like, able to choose the things that make me happy, not some rule or regulation telling me I can’t own it. Sure there are some that would abuse this and we do need boundries and limits, but we should have ultimate responsibility for our actions, not a government makeing the decision before we have the option. If my neighbor has a gun I don’t care, as long as he/she stores and used it responsibly, if not then they have to deal with the consequences. Same goes for anything else. Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, horses, goats, parrots, snakes, tents, flag poles, etc. This goes for neighborhood committees as well, I don’t want some organization telling me I can’t do something with my property that I pay taxes on as long as I am doing something responsibly and legal. Great blog and points!

  3. John,A great post. I must agree with Greg and the others who left comments. Clinton probably would have been the better choice. It wouldn’t take much to make happy. Never had a lot what I did have the EX’S got. Just don’t mess with my S.S and Medicare. God will let me know when my time is up, not someone from the government. Love the old car pics.

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