Tuesday Poetry 08 04 09

In the heat of summer….a cool thought


                                            I arose early this morn

                                           Quickly I did my

                                          Morning routine to begin a day anew

                                           I knew Mother had been

                                           Outside last night working

                                          It was a splendid morn

                                          When I stepped outside

                                          Crisp and fresh was the air

                                          All about was a soft mantle

                                          Creating a myriad of shapes an images

                                         As the sun crept upward

                                         I didn’t want to destroy

                                        Her fabulous sculpture

                                        Yet I must

                                        Sadly I brushed the mantle away

                                       Ever more enjoying the freshness

                                       Crisply the air stung me

                                        About the cheeks

                                       Finished I looked at the

                                      Mess I had created about me

                                     I knew we could never

                                     Imitate her beautiful creations


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Poetry 08 04 09

  1. Lovely my friend, great poem.If you’re going to name battles… let’s not forget Montey Christo, Forward Observers, Iwo Jima, Midway, The Big E, the Allutian Islands and oh so more…. we’re not forgettting… you and I will keep it alive….

  2. The world is filled with such exquisite natural sculptures. Like the contrast between our ‘clunking’ about and the mystery of a world of fragility. Thank you poet.

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