Friendly neighbors

Traveling the back dirt roads one sees numerous things.  Seldom is there a big mixture of animals in a pature.  When I saw this collection of animals I was startled.
Right in the middle was this big ole bull.  Behind him can be seen a longhorn.  There are other friends in the pasture to keep him company.
Then there is the young filly in the middle.
She is either well fed and need of exercise or expecting, but what is the white one up too?
Then there are the two horses that have the pasture all to themselves.  giddy-up…..

12 thoughts on “Friendly neighbors

  1. I can’t get over how green the pastures are and blue the skies are. I have been in smog filled China too long…

  2. John , I am with you here, I can not believe the mixture of livestock and animals in this pasture.Great and interesting photos . I would say that horse is due any day. :)Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.Dianne :)

  3. Yes quite the mix there looks a very well brd bull impressive and sll kinds of cattle tell you that looks like a very pregnant young lady to me id go back in a month angel eyes

  4. Hello – thank you for stopping by the msn blog and saying hi. Love the photos of the horses – look at the muscles on the white one – and that belly on the bay…or is that chestnut? Oh, I forget my horse colors and names…..very nic ethough

  5. I don’t know much about horses, but juding by the size of the white one maybe that’s the mare’s baby. Looks a little old for nursing but if they’re free to range, maybe she hasn’t ditched him/her yet.

  6. Loved looking at the animals and countryside where you are. Enjoyed seeing the mixture of animals. I have not seen a combination ever. So, that especially nice.

  7. John, I have seen cattle grazing and horses gone to pasture but this is the first time I have seen them grazing together. Thanks for posting the pictures.As ever be well

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