A Hawk In Hand

There are times when I’m happy to be lucky.  That happened the other day.  I passed a hawk sitting in the ditch.  Usually they fly off but this one sat there with wahtever it had.  To see a hawk just sit there and not move when I passed made me put the brakes and do a UIE.  This time as I approached It took to flight.  It hopped across the ditch and through the fence before a wing was flapped.  Needed a launch pad?
What it had in its talons is a great question.  It kept him from gaining altitude real fast.  It looks like it may be attached to it.  It flew off across the pastures and headed for the creek. 
When I took the picture I did not it had anything in its talons.

4 thoughts on “A Hawk In Hand

  1. I feel lucky every time I get a good pic of an animal in the wild, the ratio of good to bad is extremely small, like 1:100 is pretty darn good.This is nice to get one in open country like this, now that you got this are you hooked to get more?I would be :)They really have a small take off payload capacity, especially when gripping prey, they can’t launch with full force right of the ground,could explain the hopping action.Keep a clicking, I like!

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