Around the Neighborhood

With the heat of summer comes the wheat harvest.  With the sun at its hottest the farmers are out in their fields harvesting their work from the past 12 months.
100degrees and they are out in the fields.
Most of the harvest is a family affair, even if their is a custom harvester.  This is mom and son working together.  Mom brings the combine to the end of the field, makes a U-turn and heads back out.  Son is in the tractor with the grain trailer.  He will pull up along side mom and the combine is unloaded into the grain trailer.  The columbine never stops, it is constant motion.  The patch of tumbleweeds at the end of the field cost them some money.  It took over the end of the wheat and killed it out.


When I stopped to take the pictutres junior got out of his tractor to come over and talk to me.  He is about 14-15 years old.  The equipment he is operating is about $150.000.  Know many city kids that would be trusted with that much?



With all of the rain there will be a corn crop this year.  There is no irrigation here and we don’t get the rain like the midwest does.  Corn here is mostly used for cattle feed.

10 thoughts on “Around the Neighborhood

  1. Farm girl here all my life thewheat sin’t quite harvested here very son i imagine love the country angel eyes

  2. They sit inside air conditioned machinary with stereo and all the luxuries of a fine car. Not like it was in the old days. Breathing all the dust and out in the open hot air. A couple piece of that macherinary and person could buy a fine house.

  3. Good job. Bailing hay way back when wasn’t much fun either. No city slicker couldn’t handle it then and couldn’t now.

  4. Hey Grandpa, your comments about hay and this post brounght back memories of hay bailing in August in lower Alabama, hot, sticky, and ichy, having to wear long sleeve flannels in 110 heat and 95% humidity ain’t fun, thats for sure. We only had 25 acres, mostly pecan trees and hogs, those farmers have hundreds of acres. Those big fancy machines allow them to harvest that much lands yield before it spoils and get us the cheap food we are accustomed to. Despite AC and stereo systems these machines are not comfortable riding in across a bumpy field, you have to concentrate hard to keep them in a straight line and from breaking off knife blades and such, still easier now then 30 year ago or 30 years before that. Great post and lesson on how familys can work together. I bet this family has stronger ties and healthier relationships for thier farm work then suburbian familys now a days, we did when I grew up that ways…

  5. Hi John.. I loved this photo of the Corn and the Combines at work. Wow your so far ahead of us.. We have Canola still in the Flower and seed stage. I need to get out tomorrow before the Sea of yellow is gone. I loved looking at the Combines. We do it a bit different here up North. We have 2 Combines and Trucks ect. . We work and work. I do the cooking and take the Dinners to the Fields and make sure everyone has what they need from water to ect. Run for parts if we break down. . We dont stop long and keep the Combines going long and hard. I cant drive the new Grain truck as they are Semi but the older ones I do drive. I have baled straw and hay but also Im the one they like to have in the Kitchen. Maybe I should go on strike and Drive one of the Big Bad Boys. (Combines ).. I love to see the Dust in the Air at night against the Setting Sun and seems like its like that for miles … If its a Dry year. as for your Question. I lean on not on my own understanding . I know the answer I Believe in part… and the Strenght and the Person that God wants me to be is still in Progress and ever Changing.Thanks John .. and agian I loved this Blog.Lisa

  6. Still here .. We sometimes straight cut with a combine and sometimes we go with a Swather ahead of the combine and some years we swath and let it dry by the wind and sun. As for the Hay also ..We have a cutter contioner .. It takes a few days to dry and then we bale it going hard . Make Hay while the sunshines.. :)

  7. I always so enjoy your contemporary history and historical photographs. Living in urban intensity we urbanites just forget there is vast land and an uncle reminds, ‘We work to feed you.’ This 14-15 year old is working to put food on tables and how many city kids get that responsibility? This post really made me recall the number of people who keep we city folk fed. Thank you for this post John.

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