Easy Life….Okay..

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                There are thing in life that are frustrating, one of them being politics.  It affects my life in so many ways yet there is little I can do about the silliness of the politicians.  So to get off base I’ll go out in the country and talk with nature.  Today I went to the sand pile to dig in the sand.

                The property I bought a couple of year’s age was vacant so I’ve had to do all of the improvements and landscaping.  I did not want a burb style house so I am trying to keep things fairly natural.  There will be no concrete drive so I have been putting down sand for a drive.  The soil is clay and when it is wet it slick and mushy.  So I take the pickup and go to the sand creek and load up some sand to put in the drive.  Me no like getting stuck in front of my house so gotta fix.


                I take the back roads and drive out among the farms.  Where I live is mostly ranch country, lots of cattle.  It is enjoyable to look out across fields and watch the birds flit about and the occasional antelope or other critters, gophers, squirrels and coyotes.

                The sand creek is about a thirty mile trip one way so I have time to watch and check things out.  After I get the sand loaded I walk the creek for a distance looking for rocks and pleasure.  The dogs trot along sniffing at everything.  With the rains we’ve had the creek has run some and there are new rocks to look at.  The birds sit on the fence and watch and sing to me.  The banks of the creek are a good nesting area and there are plenty of bugs out this summer and the weeds have produced an abundance of seeds.


                There is a variety of rocks in the creek, it is the agates, petrified wood and clear quartz I am looking for.  Topaz has been found in the bed as have apache tears and arrowheads.  It is an adventure to see what nature has turned up.  Today there wasn’t much and I didn’t spend much time.


The Crick used carry water all of the time but with changes and wells the water is now in the sand.  The water does carry interesting things down the stream.


The stream meanders and winds across the plains.  It was a highway for the Indains as they followed the buffaloes over the prairie.  On the banks of the crick the Indians could camp and process their kill and have water.  The bluff overlooking provided a good lookout point.



  Leaving I spotted a Burrowing Owl on the fence post, that surprised me.  Had to try and get a picture of that.  Then there is the Meadow Lark.  Oh do they have a distinctive song.  It was sitting on the power line watching me as I walked through the ditch taking pictures.  There were Bobolinks, Lark Buntings and Fly Catchers diving around also.  The King Bird and Cat Bird are great at helicoptering to catch flies but the Cat Bird is very defensive.  The Cat Birds will dive bomb you and it is so much to watch them when a cat is around.  Just like a strafing run the Cat Bird flies over the cat and the last minute drops on the cat’s head and straight back up into the trees to make another dive bomb  run.  I’ve heard there are over 300 different species of birds out here. 



                The change of pace and a little work with pleasure, feels good for the soul.  A bowl of chili and beer for dinner, s’right.


7 thoughts on “Easy Life….Okay..

  1. John,Walking yhe old river banks sounds like much fun, reminds of when I was a kid way back when. Since getting the little camera as a gift I never leave the home without it. Great photo’s they do tell a story.Enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.

  2. I love the Prairies. I live din the Northern Grain belt of Saskatchewan, and reveled in the wildlife, and it is so nice to see your photographs! I am not sure where you are, but I loved the Flickers and Purple Finches. There were so many species of creature there, and I felt so blessed to have been there to experience it. I had not had the fortune of seeing a Burrowing Owl though. Thanks!

  3. John, Good to get the hands in the sand, clay and soil. Turn up things that remind us where we came from and are going. Humor and chemo. A few weeks ago was at a VA Med Center in the midwest taking some shade in the afternoon under a big white oak. There were two chairs under the tree and I sat down next to an elderly Veteran of color. We nodded and did not say much watching the patients comming and going from the hospital. After a bit of people watching I looked at the old Vet and said: " Man, there sure are a lot of ugly looking white folks in this place." He burst out laughing, slapped his thigh and said: " Boy, I don’t believe you just said that!" With a sparkle in his smile and a light in his eyes we laughed. Did not talk about the old days or of our ills but when we parted it was with a handshake and a smile. And I said,As ever be well

  4. The song by Leonard Cohen "Bird on a Wire" is one of the most lovely songs I know. There is a version that Canadian KD Lang sings that is beautiful. The creek bed , sand , chili and a beer sounds like the perfect day to me John , thank you for sharing part of it.Love well and live

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