The Rain, It Brings Things

There has been rain on the semi-arid hi-plains this summer.  i believe the 100 year plats are blooming also.  There are fields covered in color with so many blooms.  Then there are the critters.  With all of the plants blooming there is plenty of food for the critters.
This little guy has benn around the front steps.  almost stepped on it a couple of times.  There is another toad that shows up occasionally and they hop around the yard catching bugs.  With the rain there are abundant supply of bugs.  So i let the toads hang out and tell them to go catch bugs, don’t expect me to feed ya.
There are other critters that are out and abouts also.
These little yellow tabbies hang out in an abandoned grain elevator.  They should have a bountiful hunting of mice in the grainery.  Just above the leaves can be seen the faace of the other kitten.  There was another litter near by but they scurried off into a pile of trash and lumber.  These two little kittens sat there and watched me.  The one on the left scurried back into the shed.
The rain also makes mud holes and the birds flock around, taking baths or feasting on the critters in the water.  The Killdeer sets there and then scurries away to stop on a dime.  Their legs become a blur as the hustle across the mud flats.  A fun bird to watch.
Nature provides bounty of all sorts, just have to look for it. 

4 thoughts on “The Rain, It Brings Things

  1. Enjoyed the freedom post, especially the removal of public prayer. Freedom is such a huge concept, which is often confused with license and a let-it-all-hang-out kinda thinking. Freedom coupled with self-determination and responsibility? Very big topic so won’t blab on here. Happy Fourth celebrations.

  2. hello i read a lovely comment you wrote on s friend’s blog loved it so here to visit you for a second now my space is private but would be happy to have you as a friend…Angel eyes

  3. They are so so Cute John and I love the Orange Kittens. I did have one at one time and it went missing too. Im done with Pets but these two have grabbed my Heart . Keep getting photos if you can. I love the Setting as well. And your right. They will not go hungry . Not in the least. I know the Country and the Grain Bins. Have a Wonderful Night.

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