An Exercise In Freedom

What is freedom? I hear and read lots of comments from people about freedom. I have yet to read or hear a good definition of freedom. I’ve from lots of people state they can do what they want. This implies a freedom in choices. For me it is the choices I make and the responsibility with each decision I make. For me freedom is having a variety of choices. Much like walking in a store, the bigger the variety the more choices I have and therefore there are more freedoms.
When I walk into the supermarket I can choose how I am going to shop, use a cart, a basket or just a couple of items. Am I going to leisurely shop or hurry thru the aisles. In these small decisions I have a certain amount of freedom on how to conduct myself. I could also choose to go into the store with a gun and rob the place, odd as it sounds that is a freedom. but is it a responsible choice.
Going thru the store there are a variety of items to buy. Again I have a freedom of choice of what to buy. Even the little decisions take a responsibility. If I am allergic to milk and I buy dairy products I am making a poor decision but it is my freedom of choice. The responsible choice for me should be to buy a dairy substitute. I can also overindulge and buy foods that are fattening or not healthy for me. In this little decision I have a responsibility to myself but also my fellow man.
If I buy excessively and unhealthy food I will eventually put a burden on society for healthcare and other accommodations. Yes I have the freedom to make poor choices but at what price. This is where the responsibility to others and society comes in. Within my freedom I have the responsibility to make good decisions for myself and to others. What happens if I do not make good decisions, there are consequences or somebody says this is the lifestyle you will live, oops. Some of my freedom is gone, some choices have been removed.
Now when I go to the store I can no longer buy dairy products and I have been put on rations. I can no longer buy excessively and eat unhealthy foods. Somebody is now making decisions for me, I no longer have any responsibility. It almost sounds like prison.
Yet when I step back and look at all of the laws that have been passed this past century, for what purpose? We have created a whole new class of criminals. The United States has the largest prison population in the world. As freedoms are given up responsibilities are forfeited.
One of the biggest freedoms I’ve lost is for prayer …… or freedom of persecution for my religious beliefs. At so many public gatherings public prayer has been banned. A very simple right under the first amendment, but it is disappearing in the United States.
Much like the store, a freedom has been taken off of the shelf. What other choices have been lost. Ponder this, If the healthcare package is passed, your choices will be limited and if you do not sign up for the Federal plan there is a $1000.00 fine. Talk about a new class of criminal…and for what purpose?


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