Tax The Big Rump?

Tax on the Big Rump

If the carbon tax comes to pass big rumps are liable to be taxed also. Overweight people put out excess carbon gasses and add to the greenhouse pollution emissions. So how does one go about taxing the obese? Ten pounds overweight is 10% and so forth. Will it go to the point of a 100% tax for the walrus that’s hundreds of pounds overweight? Not sure how it should be imposed but I’m sure the people passing the carbon tax have the wisdom to extract tax from the people with excess posteriors.
Then there are the beer drinkers is their excess exhaust gas emissions going to be taxed by the size of their girth or by consumption. This is going to be hog heaven for the tax hungry people. Turn a corner and there is something to tax. The amount of gas we exhaust into the air is incredible.
Then there are the vegetarians, some of the things they eat are very gassy. Beans are the most notorious then there is the fish oil, very noxious emitter. What kind of tax for the consumption of different foods. Will we be taxed by the different foods we consume? What is a good low gas food?
Then look at people like Teddy Kennedy, how should he be taxed. He is grossly overweight and excessive drinker. Al Gore’s posterior stretches beyond his shoulders. What kind of excess carbon gas tax should be imposed on them? Their income is well into 7 figures. To bring them into compliance should they be taxed at a 99% rate? Compared to the guy who is on a fixed income about 4 figures, a flat tax or?
This then brings up the question how is the carbon tax going to be applied equally across the board. The guy with a 7 figure income will hardly miss 10% but the guy with a 5 figure income 10% will be a big blow. But both income groups are seriously polluting the environment with their surplus greenhouse gas emissions. Now the businesses that get the carbon tax they just pass it on as a cost of doing business, OOOpppss now the carbon tax is going to be added on to these people that are polluting. Not only will the Ted Kennedy’s of the world have a carbon tax they will have added costs of living to deal with. Again though the big income peoples it is not a big deal. Whereas the average and low income people it is a big deal. These people do not have a surplus income to pay the extra costs of greenhouse gas pollution.
Kind of makes me wonder how the overweight beer drinkers are going to deal with the new deck of cards life is going to deal them. But then how is the average Joe going to compensate for the new costs of having to live a decent lifestyle? Lots of choices are going to disappear.


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