The weekend is a quiet time to pause and reflect on the past few days.  The Canadians sent some cool weather down south.  We cooled off from the low 90’sto the upper 70’s.  Feels pretty good, thanks Canadians for the cool refresh air.  The rodeo is this weekend and I’m sure the cowpokes and horses are saying thanks.

          The heat is on in Washington, seen where the carbon tax bill was passed by the house.  Wonder who is going to rich off this scheme.  Know it won’t be me.  Another $70.00 a month electricity bill is going to be tough.  Congress is asking me to make a sacrifice in my life style that I don’t like.  It’s like congress doesn’t care about the everyday person.  The carbon tax will do like a lots of other environmental rules have done in the past, chase jobs out of the states.  It is amazing how much electricity is used in manufacture of products.  Cost of production goes up.  The companies will go some other place to produce.

          My share of carbon that is produced making electricity I can offset by planting a couple of more trees and shrubs.  They are carbon lovers and gobble up carbon.  Even If I helped to reduce the greenhouse gasses they will tax me any way.  I wonder why I get mad sometimes.

          Read where California is broke and they are laying off government workers to try to meet the budget.  Too bad the US government doesn’t have similar rules of balanced budget.  Years ago, the doomsayers predicted that there was only so much to go around and if Cal. Kept feeding the aliens entering the US illegally they would be broke.  All the welfare programs have put California in dire straits.  Now there are pundits saying this is where the country is headed.

          What a mess the grandkids are going to have and actually if they even have a mess to clean up.  Will the US of A still exist in 20-30 years?  It’s like some people do not care about the future and they want things their way right now, dam the consequences.

          Oh well, after the hail I planted some more things and they are coming up.  With the dry sun things are growing good.  Maybe next year put in a bigger garden and learn how to can so I have something to eat.  Get me a pig to cure and salt away and go hunting for fresh meat at times.  Unless the attitude in DC changes there is another depression on the way, people have said this, the last few downturns.  This time we are in a big hole.  What will it take to get out of it, some prayer would help.

          A few big time stars have passed on and a few people grieve over them and lament.  It is another page in life, what impact did they have in life.  They influenced things we buy and how we live.  Their influence is surprising when one looks at their impact on lifestyles.  Clothing and accessories, gadgets and how we live, TV watching or the movies, a concert. 

          The moon peeked in and out of the clouds last night and the coyotes howled at it, the owl went hunting and other nocturnal creatures were out on the land.  The universe goes on, in the morning the sun will return on the eastern horizon, life goes on.  We try to control things but do we really.  God’s blessing and have a great rest of life.


5 thoughts on “introspection…….hhuuhmmmmm

  1. Hiya John…I can’t comment on the politics..never have been very good at understanding the way that world works..In fact I was just reading your blog out to my beloved and we both agree if nothing else the internet does wonders at bringing souls from all walks of life together.Your daily world seems a universe away from ours, yet we all still need that quiet introspection from time to time.. I must admit that’s where the majority of my writing comes from…Have never heard coyotes or seen the things you see…so thanks for sharing these glimpses of your world..Love and Hugs Maria xxx

  2. AWh the Moon is so lovely isnt it? I enjoy watching it off the back porch. I am working on canning from the orchard and garden this year. I like fresh food. I don’t hunt but I could, many ppl do here and some friends give me some venison and elk also fish. We learned to smoke fish last year, it is good. I had not though of salt pork in a long time, gee we used to use it for so many things as we did make a fine bean soup with hamhocks. I grew up on a farm John and learned to make from scratch….looks like many are learning how to these days. I ate a fast food burger the other day and thought there was no taste. the carbon tax is going to hurt many of us indeed. I would like to see some of the high up government officals take pay cuts….they are making far too much money. Enjoy the weekend smiles and hugs

  3. Well I guess I have planted enought trees to off set my carbon tax. We planted almost 30 trees in our yard and fruit trees. I think a good old depression would be good for people to learn again to live without so many luxury’s. People have forgotten what life is like with everything. I lived 6 years with no power, TV, Phone or internet. We have all those but still no phone. I don’t even have cell. But it seems each time something new is added I always think also now I could I ever live without it. People can not understand how I live without a phone. But I have done it since 1992. But now with internet since last fall I can at least communicate more. There is a time when we need to connect with our fellow man. By the way all the green at our place will be gone except in the yard where we water, water, water by the end of the summer. WE are blessed with a gravity feed spring from up the hill. No power to water it all. We do have to conserve later in the summer. Have a good week my friend..

  4. Dear John, comment blew me away! Carbon taxes ‘hot topic’ issue in Canada but just ‘reward’ people who do plant trees and/or whatever rather than carting the money off to some central administrative agency that grows a burgeoning budget to monitor spending (LOL) and needs more taxes. My jaw dropped. There is an entire state bankrupt? Am going to read about such online. Glad garden growing well. Have a lovely week.

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