A Democrat Is?


This past Easter I saw an interesting comment. A post had been made to the effect, He is risen, Christ is alive. I thought very appropriate for Easter. Below the post in the comments section was a note, “I thought you were a democrat.” That comment got me to thinking, why would a comment like that be made.
All kinds of conclusions spewed forth, none very rational but it gave me pause.
I’ve considered lots of things. One that comes to mind is the people wanting to eliminate prayer and In God we Trust and various Christian slogans in the government of the United States. These people tend to be democrats and want to purge God from my country. I don’t believe it is that.
Next thing I considered was the democrat party. The previous democrat president the US had went to church fairly often. Then I asked myself, was it a front or did he believe in the power of God. That led me to the next ponder. Democrats believe in big government and that government has the answers to our problems.
Numerous democrats in congress make the statement, “We know what’s best for you, the government has the solutions.” There I believe is why the statement was made, “I thought you were a democrat not a Christian.” For when the big government sets themselves up as knowing all they are setting themselves up as gods. If one wants to be a god it is awfully difficult to be a Christian.
For in Christianity, all power, strength and wisdom comes from God. If all things flow from God haw can one set themselves up in a seat of power as a know it all and still be a Christian. With the attitude that big government is the answer the democrats are setting themselves up in opposition to God. For throughout the Bible there is scripture that states that the government is there to be a servant of God. If a person wants to be a God they can not be subservient to another. They have all of the power.
So when I look at that way I can see why the comment would be made, “Thought you were a democrat not a Christian.” That person wants to walk with somebody else rules, not God’s or they want to be the maker of their own religion.
The more I watch the current administration of democrats I can how that statement is playing out. The Speaker of the House has stated she, the government knows what is right for the people and will force them to go there, paraphrase. The current president did not attend any church services on the day of prayer. The examples go on how the current democrats are ignoring lots of Christian dogma. It is almost becoming a regime of atheists.
Next question, why are Christians supporting anti Christian leaders? Are they really Christians?


One thought on “A Democrat Is?

  1. People read this and are tenpted to think “This is the end ” but then, how often has man thought that? Were there people in Noah’s day outside his family that thought this? I have never thought about what government system was in place then, if any. Might try to check into. Rome suppossedly paralleled our system and eventually failed, big time. Does history keep repeating itself?

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