Tuesday Poetry 6-23-9

                                             The joy, the peace and tranquility

                                             As I seek God’s will to be obedient

                                             I walk gently , carefully, I follow footsteps

                                             The Lord will lead me to still waters.

                                             To savor the reflections in the water


                                             Beside me I see my Lord

                                             Raising my hands in prayer

                                             I give thanks to the Lord of mercy.

                                             I have sinned forgive me

                                             Create in me a new servant


                                              Pluck out the heart of stone

                                             At your feet I worship Thee.

                                             Walking a path few venture

                                             I give self to God


                                             Seeking strength to leave darkness

                                            Moving to a warm light.

                                            Clouds overhead, dark and foreboding

                                           The Lord give shelter

                                           Provides light and strength


                                                  Have mercy on your servant.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Poetry 6-23-9

  1. Such unsentimental statement of commitment with use of words seldom touched upon publicly, like obedience, mercy. God bless your journey John. Peace be with you.

  2. I think it great you take the time each week to write a poem. I just need to take the time to get another blog out. Its been almost 3 weeks. I have lots to put together it just doing it. Oh well enjoying my time visiting. Take Care Carrie

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