For an Oversized Texas Ego.

Texans tend to have overinflated egos, about like their state, lots of hot dry air.  But there is a cure. 
Rancher was standing on the front steps of his ranch house.  It was eveing and the sun was setting in the west.  The oversized Texas rancher is talking with his hired hand, a very dimuntive Mexican.  The Texan says. Pedro, "I could get in my pickup morning and drive all day and not get to the other side of my ranch."  The little Mexican looks up at the oversized Texan and says, " Si senior, I understand, i used to have a pickup like that."
Little dose of humilty helps us all.

2 thoughts on “For an Oversized Texas Ego.

  1. That’s cool, John…’s about telling my friend Donald (dispatcherdragon12) about his Nissan Titan?

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