In Black and White

Years ago I did lots of photography, had my own darkroom.  i would get in the darkroom and lose track of time.  I would come out after a few hours and the sun would be rising, I had spent the night in there.  No wonder I was so tierd.
I ran across some of my old B&W and tried taking pictures of them with the digital.  The self focusing feature I can not override.  Most of them did not come out too good.  They are mounted on mat board so I couldn’t scan them.  Guess i’ll have to break down and buy a camera with manuel focus and try again.  B&W Is so great.  Grayscale in digital is nice and creates some dramatic effects but it doesn’t have the snap of black and white.  On photobucket i posted my old car in B&W, I was able to scan it and it came out pretty good.
This country store was torn down a number of years ago.  In the background can be the houses of the burbs creeping in on it.  when the highway was widened the store island was dozed over, then the store, gone.  Looks like it was built in the teens, maybe early 20’s.
This wooden elevator battled against time for a number of years.  It finally gave up the ghost and succumbwd to the elements.  Most of these old elevators were clad with steel sheathing.  This one was unique in that it was all wood. 
this tree stump had been hit by lightening.  Most of the tree was gone.  down by the base was this little peep into the blackened and charred stump.  It was also an assignment for a class, take some texture pictures.  My best ones did not not come out good and the ones that hung in the photo gallery or hanging in somebody’s home.
I do some gray scale at times but now I wish I still had my darkroom. I have thousands of negatives just setting there collecting dust.

9 thoughts on “In Black and White

  1. I truly enjoy the old Black and Whites…so subtle yet distinct. I think they focus on the subject matter. Great photos…

  2. black and white is a kick. In the photo album on space i have a couple of other B&W pics from years ago, in dream houses, faded.

  3. Oh this brought back such a rush of forgetten memories of being in the darkroom! The joy and surprise of images coming to life in the darkroom. I so enjoyed. These are amazing photos with historical use, perhaps, to local museum. Thank you for this post.

  4. I am a full color guy myself so far, but I do appreciate BW in the right context and I like these!My fav is the first of the store front

  5. Love the center one of the grain elevator……looks like one in Sandpoint, Idaho I knew as a child–now there is a bunch of antique stores in it. Where was this one taken?

  6. I love the grain elevator. Funny how the black and whites seem to show old things better. It like back in those days everything in life was black and white. But now we have way to many choices.

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