Tuesday Poetry


The Path Slopes

                                  The path slopes below, a verdant bottom

                                  Across dotted mesa, above clouds

                                  Striding the colors, shape silence

                                  In rapture I thank my creator

                                 The morning radiance, glowing horizon

                                 God’s new day — I savor

                                 Walking a gentle path, gaze skyward

                                 The warmth of God’s sun upon my face.

                                  I look across the valley

                                  The sculpture’s hand – God’s

                                  The picture stays with me

                                   God’s love I walk in

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Poetry

  1. And what a lovely picture to stay with you. Nature is the one place that I find Spirit with me. Good tuesday poem. 😉

  2. This gave me pause to smile my new friend. Keep up the good work of inspiring us with your keen eye and talent with words. Be of good cheer always.J.W.L.

  3. John as always I love your writing and feel a deeper sence of what your writing. Thankyou.Again Very Nice work.Lisa xo

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