A Stitch In Time…..Is Fine? ha ha hah




Cares to worry about, me, myself and I, plus two little dogs, in morning if I want an extra cup of coffee and lounge all I have worry about is the extra trip down the hallway, a major excursion.  Alarm clocks do not ring or buzz and there are no rush hours to be concerned about.  Most important appointment is warming up the puter in the morning.  The nag is the hay burner in the neighbors pasture, the noise is the song of the morning birds and view is clear sky, no haze.

Not all is great though for there are trials.  The mid section expanded and put undue duress on the top button.  Using the one armed pushback the tension on the mid section has been reduced.  But the button was under so much pressure it left.  It followed the flight of gravity and went someplace.  The britches were comfortable and in the summer a little lighter weight.  To replace a button for me is a major endeavor.  I have a shirt hanging on the laundry hook, missing a button, from a few months ago.  Lost track it has been there so long.

The army did help me understand how to attach buttons.  The laundry service was so rough I had a missing in action button replacement bin.  Sitting in the evening replacing lost buttons was not my idea of a GI evening out.  So when I saw the button above the fly had fled I knew what was necessary.  Fetch needle and thread.  Now the shirt it will probably stay there till this winter when I want to wear it.  This is summer and to be missing a top flight button is not comfortable. 

Ouch, and I haven’t even got the needle threaded.  Gonna apply to the heart supply company for a commendation of wounded while sewing.  Well the eyes are far from well sighted and threading a needle is like taking a camel through the eye.  I have to use a threader and even to punch that thru the needle is an adventure.  Oops, missed try again, eyes squint, where is the needles eye, there.  Eventually it gets threaded. 

Now where did I set the button?  I raided a can of buttons in a rummage sale just for this occasion.  It had wooden ones, round ones and, metal, shell, plastic, big ones and little ones.  I found one in the bin I wanted to use for my britches now if I can just remember where I parked it.  Being an old buzzard I can circle it until I spot it.

Button in hand I set down in easy chair.  Old buzzard has to have one, gets tiring circling looking for button.  Tie knot in thread and slip needle through trousers and hole in button.  Slide needle back thru and poke self in finger, ouch.  Old buzzard needs to be more careful.  After some time needle with thread loops through button and britches, Ah Ha  button is somewhat attached to jeans.  We’ll, try them on some other time.  It was a major effort just to get button on.  Putting pants on is a later journey.

AHHHH….the joys of life.    Que Sera.



9 thoughts on “A Stitch In Time…..Is Fine? ha ha hah

  1. "Some days are diamonds some days are rust" LOL….I love these moments stories to be told with a chuckle and glitter in my eyes….yes I have experienced some joys in my life…. 😉

  2. This is funny. You apparently don’t have suister. I have three old /gettin’ there brothers around. When they need a button or a seam fixed, they remember I’m supposed to love them and toss items to me for mending. Little tip; If you’ll hold a square of white paper behind the needles eye, it will be easier to see. I do this especially when threading the sewing machine.Good sense of humor sure helps ease life.Blessings,~Ruby

  3. Button Button who’s got the button. I have jars of buttons that never were sewn back on. I also remove all buttons when throwing cloths out. I too enjoy crawling around in the forest look for the right angle. Thanks for coming by…

  4. I so laugh (not at you) re. the threading of a needle for when did such a simple task become such a challenge? This has such a lovely pace of storytelling. Just one of those adventures of a day on the planet.

  5. Again it was a Pleasure and Joy to read your thoughts as you write them here. . Very Creative gift you have of writting. Glad you share.Thanks again John for stopping by my Place in the Sun and for your Kind comments. I will be out and about looking for hidden treasures . The Threads of Life … Love Past and Present.Lisa

  6. Thank you for the hint.. I need to find the answer and will. I had to share with you , a few years ago a Friend handed me an old tatered book… by James Alexander Thor . Called Follow the River. Its non fiction . She didnt think I would like it. The Story is about some women who had gotten kiddnaped by the Natives . Kept for a few years until they could escape. They walked home along a River in the States eating what they could find and kill along the way. It took them months to walk that walk. It was that book that started me on a quest to find out more History and to this day it I still have the Book somewhere. I have read it a few times. History can capture a Soul and take us on an incredable Journey. I think the same Author Wrote about Lewis and Clark as well. Just a bit of History I wanted to share. Thank you again.

  7. John, Have had my sewing moments as well, though patience is not a virtue I enjoy. Over the past few years the River Station has changed hands a few times and the old bar seems to have given up the ghosts of troop trains, families, and those passing trough echos on the old tile floors that are no more. When I came to Peoria in 95 the place still had the old feel, smells and echos. Glad to have been able to sip and ponder in the old station by the river.As ever be well

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