Among the Weeds Be Flowers

Spring time brings forth flowers galore.  The flower shop has all types.  Hanging ones, climbing, spreading, etc. but no weeds.  Driving the roads in the dirches are the weeds and down in among the weeds are collections of tiny flowers.  In a garden they would be weeds but in the ditch they get mowed.  Befor the mower strikes take a moment and focus the oculars, for there is something to look at among the weeds.
The purple ones are so tiny and very tough to pick out.  They turn into a very tight mass of undergrowth.  The orange ones are smaller then a thimble.  Look like tiny roses. 
This mass will carpet a meadow of burnt reddish orange.  they are maybe one-two inches in height.  Do they add color.
The long stemmed yellow daisy turns into minature parachutes.  it was so cool to find these as a little kid and blow the fluff off and watch them float in the breeze.
For the cowboys there is the sage that has tiny flowers that runs to fluff.  riders of the sage.

6 thoughts on “Among the Weeds Be Flowers

  1. Weeds, weeds, weeds,and more weeds, they do make for some great photos. Don’t they? Have good week-end

  2. Great pictures John. We have some beautiful weeds here too. The cornflower being the prettiest one I think with Queen Anne’s Lace a close second.

  3. Wow, that was a lovely microview. My eyes not as good as they were and I looked at your photos and wonder what else I miss. Thank you for posting photographs. The world is full of such tiny moments of beauty.

  4. I’m always amazed at the beauty of some weeds, though for some reason the pretty ones never grow in my garden,,although they would be welcome xx

  5. BEAUTIFUL SHOTS . there are so many weeds along there roads which are really beautiful andwith colourful flowers ,makes the whole way while driving really enjoyable.I love them.

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