Times Past

Future Times


Sitting, looking – dreams

Idleness – images of past

Talking – past days

The future – what

Will – what happens



Windows overhead – clouds

Images – other days

Shapes floating – no noise

Today is passing

Tomorrow’s chatter



Sitting talking listening

Today tomorrow yesterday




6 thoughts on “TUESDAY POETRY

  1. Oh well, what ever will be will be. Never worry about tomorrow it hasn’t happen yet, my friend.

  2. John, Thank you for visiting the Painting Studio and for your comments. Indeed the past and future meld in the moment of expression in poetry. Nice piece.As ever be well

  3. John, I saw appreciate the casual rhythym of your poems. What you manage in a spareness of words is impressive (for me). I like to read your poems (& other poets) because it’s this learning process where I go, gee, I might try that. But I get so wordy. Thank you for sharing your poems. I enjoy the risk of sharing.

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