Among the Trees

Most of the creeks around here are dry sand cricks.  After a heavy rain or snow the cricks will carry some water.  This is Comanche Creek, it drains the Black Forest.  Black Forest is on the Palmer Divide and the snow fall there is measured in feet.  Elevation of over 7000 feet,, thick tall stands of pine collect the cold air and trigger numerous storms.  The recent storm dumped lots snow on the ridge and the Comanche is carrying the runoff.  It is a pleasant meandering stream as it drifts across the prairie.

Those that read my blurbs most times see the open grasslands.  This is the oasis on the high plains.  In my story "Travel Along the Rails."  It is a crick like this that the travelers are following.  From these sand creeks the Indians and travelers got their precious water.  Even when not running, a person could dig into the sand and find water.  Following these water courses was critical to people on the plains.

For the observant person there is more than trees and water.  The eagle eye can pick out other travelers.



These critters blend in real great with their surroundings.  This time of year the grass is greening up and is tender vittles for th



I hpe you enjoyed my brief note as much as I enjoyed watching them meander along the crick.

There are so many variations on the prairie.


7 thoughts on “Among the Trees

  1. Enjoy your nature portraiture. Thank you for helping me remember this world from the quite urban (and at time confined) YVR

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