Chugging Down the road in the puddle jumper one of the joys of a wee tike was the bill boards.  The provided a diverson for a young mind.  The most distinctive roadside signs were the Burma Shave quips.  Various stories on the small signs that ended with Burma Shave.
I ran across some ancient history along an old highway.  A new highway was built bypassing the little town, making it into a ghost town.  One of the things still standing are a group of Burma Shave signs.  There are two families still living there, one on each side of the road.  All of the old stores and shops are gone or have fallen into a pile of rubble.  The signs are still there encouraging all to Burma Shave.
Excuse me, headed for the store and some Burma Shave and a straight edge.   ….good traveling all…….
Thanks for stopping by for a look see.  If you want to use please give me credit.  I don’t coyright, my ego isn’t that big, I do appreciate credit though.

8 thoughts on “BURMA SHAVE…..YOU REMEBER?

  1. The pic looks very barren. I mean the place slooks very barren…desolate… reminds me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre out in the middle of nowhere…with a family on one side of the road…who just happen to be cannibals picking up stray passers by…CREEPY! The signs sure are a piece of art now…of heritage of a once simple thriving town…whats happened to all the little people in the world? In there little towns? Is modernisation forcing them into extinction? Forcing them to move closer to the cities? I’m rambling now, but you got me thinking. Jx

  2. John,I can remember those signs very well, back ti the Ozarks we would take a Sunday afternoom drive out to visit reletives, driving down those two lane highways there were those signs. A great piece of history.

  3. I always liked those signs, although I didn’t see many even when I was younger. The other fun ones were when we traveling to Tennessee, we’d see which one of us three kids could spot the most signs for Rock City. They had those painted on evrything, but mostly the roofs of barns.

  4. Nice post, John. A lot of people have been wandering if Burma Shave signs are still standing anywhere. What’s the exact location?

  5. I remember seeing similar signs when driving from Dallas to Fort Worth. Sadly a big part of my life in pictures is lost forever !!!I wish I’d have those pictures now … I liked these kind of singns. Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!!!Have a wonderful week ! Alex x

  6. I enjoyed a comment you left on Cheryl Photonut’s entry about swine flu, John, and came to let you know.Here’s a Burma Shave poem from signs outside a little town not more than 15 minutes from where I live:Dim your lightsBehind a carLet folks knowHow bright you areBurma ShaveI hope you have a great week!

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